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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Alimodian Firsts: Custodio Alicer

Custodio Alicer
First Marine Engineer

      Marine Engineer Custodio Alicer was born on October 1, 1927. He attended the Alimodian Elementary School, Iloilo High School, Iloilo Provincial High School, and Iloilo School of Arts and Trades, before getting his Marine Engineering degree from the Philippine School of Arts and Trades in Manila in 1949.

      From an apprentice engineer, he rose through the ranks, becoming chief marine engineer in 1970. Tired of roaming the seas together with several associates, he put up Vir-Jen Shipping and Marine Services, Inc. He became director and vice president for operations of the firm.

      With his first wife Elise he has three children. Today, he is living in Paranaque, Metro Manila, with his second wife, Ma. Luz.

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