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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Abang-abang


Feast Day: November 27
Patron Saint: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

                  Abang-abang became an official barangay in 1957 under the leadership of Captain Andres Amita and her wife Maria Soledad Beza and Vice Captain Benigno Salugao. The land of the village was purchased from the family of Ignacio Amita with the amount of P 300 pesos. Half of the amount was paid by Sixto Canuto who later became Teniente del Barrio or Barangay Captain until 1983.
           The village is a hilly, grassy plain ideal for grazing cattles and also for planting the main harvests of the village which are legumes, root crops and maize.
            In 1918, a couple named Placido Anadon & Francisca Amita Anadon lived in the place together with seven other husbands and wives. They all agreed to establish their own village and name their place "Abang-abang" after a local tree named "Abang-abang" which surrounded the area.
            Even during those early days, the children are already determined and persevering in working in Iloilo City to help their parents augment their living. During World War II when the Japanese bombed the city, the children went home and in 1943, people living in the upper parts of the area transferred to the main village. The Japanese penetrate the village in 1944 killing Joaquin Salugao and Jojo Aligaen.
            The village suffered under the Japanese during World War II and then by the Huks and NPA until 1980s but they all survived these.
            The first priest to hold the first mass in the barangay was Father Mariano Perez on November 27, 1968 when the barangay held its first fiesta under the leadership of then Teniente del Barrio Sixto Canuto.

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