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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Former Names Of Some Iloilo Towns and Places

Old Oton Church 

Iloilo Province 

Ajuy - Ajui, Pili
Banate - Bobog 
Barotac Nuevo - Mulatac
Carles - Punta Bulakawe, Badiang
Concepcion - Bacjawan
Dingle - Laglag, Dulano
Dueñas - Baong
Dumangas - Araut
Estancia - Daan Banwa, Lanubo
Janiuay - Matag-ub
Leganes - Guihaman, Valencia
Leon - Camando
Mina - Montogawe
New Lucena - Himanban
Oton - Ogtong
Passi - Pasig, Sibucao 
Pototan - Naslo, Kapututan
San Enrique - Bontoc 
San Joaquin - Sinugbuhan
San Miguel - Angoy
Santa Barbara - Catmon
Tigbauan - Katigbawan
Tubungan - Tin-an

Iloilo City

Jaro - Salog
Molo - Parian
Plaza Libertad - Plaza Alfonso XII

Guimaras - Ymalus

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Other Notable Filipinos

Melecio Figueroa 

Lope K. Santos

Melecio Figueroa -  engraver from Arevalo, Iloilo. First Filipino designer of Philippine coins.

Flavio Zaragoza Cano - poet from Cabatuan, Iloilo. Known as the "Prince of Visayan Poets," he was one of the three greatest Filipino poet in Spanish along with Fernando Maria Guerrero and Cecilio Apostol

Fernando Maramag - first Filipino poet in English to win awards and fame

Clemencia Joven - first short story writer in English

Zoilo M. Galang - first Filipino novelist in English

Carlos P. Romulo - first Filipino to win honors in English journalism

Marcelo de Gracia Concepcion - first Filipino poet in English to win recognition in American literary circles

Lope K. Santos - author of the first Tagalog novel "Banaag at Sikat"

Claro Caluya - prince of Iloko poet

Mena Crisologo - greatest Iloko dramatist

Leona Florentino - greatest Iloko poetess

Leon C. Pichay - Iloko Poet Laureate

Angel Magahum - greatest Visayan dramatist


Municipality of Cabatuan, Iloilo Official Website,

Photo Source:

La Villa Rica de Arevalo: Heritage and Greatness,

Rizal Provincial Government Official Website

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Iloilo City Hymn Lyrics and English Translation

This is Iloilo City official hymn. The lyrics and music arranged by Professor Arne Lubasan and written in Hiligaynon. Here is the lyrics in Hiligaynon language and its English translation.

Iloilo City Hymn Lyrics featuring places and events in the city of Iloilo

“Himno Sang Dakbanwa Sang Iloilo” - Iloilo City Hymn
Lyrics and Music by: Prof. Arne Lubasan


Puluy-an ka sang mga dungganon
Guindihon sa imong gugmang bilidhon
Namat-an sang mga baganihan
Nakigbato para sa kahilwayan


Dunang manggad sa amon guin-aman
Manggaran sa kulturang kinaadman
May maragtas nga madinu-agon
Bulawanon ang mga palanubli-on


Iloilo, Iloilo
Dakbanwa kong nahamut-an
Iloilo, Iloilo
Bugal magpadulong diin man
Tampad nga magpabilin sa imo
Tungod palangga ko
Dakbanwang Iloilo, bugal ko!


Himpit nga gugma sa imo halad
Sakdagon ang imong katuyuan
Itib-ong ang kauswagan
Padayun nga angkunon ang katin-aran

English Translation

I Home of the dignified
Taken from your pure love
Cradle of heroes
Fought for freedom

Natural resources bestowed on us
Rich in indigenous culture
Has a colorful history
Golden heritage


Iloilo, Iloilo
My hometown I love
Iloilo, Iloilo
The pride which will be carried anywhere
Faithfully stays with you
Because I love
My city, my pride!


Formidable love I offer to you
Patronize your intentions
Promote progress
Continue to own prosperity

Video Courtesy of:

Mark Vic Rejaba Youtube Channel

Monday, March 16, 2015

ILOILO ANG BANWA KO Song Lyrics and English Translation

This is Iloilo province most popular folk song which is already anthemic to the people of the place. Written in Hiligaynon, the song evokes a sense of pride, loyalty and patriotism to the land where we born and grow up. Included here is the lyrics of the song in Hiligaynon with its English translation.

Iloilo Ang Banwa Ko Song featuring all the towns, festival, events and happenings in Iloilo 

Iloilo Ang Banwa Ko Reggae Version 

Iloilo Ang Banwa Ko performed by the University of the Philippines Madrigal Singers with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra


Iloilo ang banwa ko guinahingadlan
Matam-is nga pulong ang amon guinmat-an
Indi ko ikaw bulagan
Banwa kong nahamut-an
Ikaw ang guintunaan sang kalipayan

Ilonggo ako nga tunay
Nga nagapuyo sa higad sang baybay
Manami magkiay-kiay
Sa tagipusuon
Bug-os ang kalipay


My beloved hometown Iloilo
Sweet words which we grew up with
I will not leave you my dear hometown
You are the source of joy and happiness

I'm a true Ilonggo
That lives by the coast
Beautifully swaying hips
In my heart full of joy

Video Courtesy of:

Youtube Channels:

Ulysses Loresto
MrAlmio's Channel
Bernardo Arellano III

Sunday, March 15, 2015

ILOILO BANWANG PINALANGGA Song Lyrics and English Translation

This is another popular song in Hiligaynon written and composed by Tunog Amakan. This song is dedicated to all Ilonggos spread around the world. The song is about the cry of the mother hometown Iloilo calling out her Ilonggo / Ilongga sons and daughters around the world to remember her and look back to where they came from and also an Ilonggo who is reminiscing and yearns to go back to his hometown of Iloilo. Here's the lyrics of the song written in Hiligaynon language and translated in English.

Iloilo Banwang Pinalangga Music Video with Tunog Amakan as the vocalist, the lyricist and composer of the song.

Iloilo Banwang Pinalangga Music Video with lyric (with minor errors on the lyrics)

Iloilo Banwang Pinalangga - Iloilo Beloved Hometown
Lyrics and Music by: Tunog Amakan

Dali na sa duog nga luyag ko pagapuy-an
Hiyas man o bulawan indi gid matupungan
Madamo nga tinuig na nga sya naligaran
Daw sang-una kun imo madum-duman


Bangod lang guid sa gugma kag tungod sang katahom
Ikaw ang nabun-ag nga may upod man nga likom
Indi ka gid malimtan kung ikaw ang makit-an
Puno ka sang madamo nga handumanan..ooooh



Iloilo banwang pinalangga
Sa diin mo ako pagadal-on
Duog sang mga damgu
Dughan ko ang nabihag mo
San-o mo ako madumduman

Repeat Chorus

Halin pa sang una kag tubtub sa karon
Madamo nga tinuig na ang gin sugpon sugpon
Kalinong sang balatyagon luyag ko nga maangkon
Ayhan sa mga palad mo imo ako bulngon.. ohh

Repeat Chorus 2x

San-o mo ako mabalikdan

hooohh.. Iloilo banwa ko...

English Translation

Iloilo Beloved Town

Hurry to the place I want to live
Jewel or gold cannot equal
So many years that has passed
Looks like before if you remember

Just because of love and of the beauty
You were born shrouded with mystery
You will never be forgotten when I see you
You are full of memories... ohhh....


Iloilo beloved hometown
Where will you bring me

Land of dreams
You captured my heart
When will you remember me

Repeat Chorus

Since then until now
So many years has been chronicled
Peace and calmness of feeling I wanted to have
Will your hands be the one to cure me... ohh

Repeat Chorus 2x

When will you look back on me

hooohh.. Iloilo my hometown..
I love


Video Courtesy of:

Tunog Amakan Facebook Page -

Mosh Magbanua Youtube Channel

Monday, March 9, 2015

Iloilo Province Feast Days and Patron Saints

Iloilo Province - Cities and Municipalities
These are town or municipalities in the province of Iloilo, the date of their feast day celebration and the respective patron saints it gives honor to. Some towns has a separate

Ajuy                   - September 10  - San Nicholas of Tolentino
Alimodian              - September 22  - Saint Thomas of Villanova
Anilao                 - May 22        - St. Rita of Cascia
Badiangan              - January 17    - St. John the Baptist
Balasan                - July 26       - St. Anne
Banate                 - June 24       - St. John the Baptist
Barotac Nuevo          - June 13       - St. Anthony of Padua
Barotac Viejo          - June 29       - St. Peter the Apostle
Batad                  - April 5       - St. Vincent Ferrer
Bingawan               - January 25    - St. Paul Conversion
Cabatuan               - September 10 (Religious) March 2 (Municipal) - San Nicholas of Tolentino
Calinog                - December 8    - Immaculate Conception
Carles                 - October 15    - St. Therese of the Child Jesus
Concepcion             - December 8    - Immaculate Conception
Dingle                 - June 24       - St. John the Baptist
Dueñas                 - September 30  - St. Jerome
Dumangas               - May 5 (Municipal) August 29 (Religious) - St. Augustine
Estancia               - March 15-16   - The Most Holy Virgin Mary
Guimbal                - September 10 (Religious) October 7 (Municipal) - Saint Nicholas of Tolentino
Igbaras                - May 22 (Municipal) June 24 (Religious) - St. John the Baptist
Janiuay                - January 28    - Saint Julian of Cuenca
Lambunao               - September 10  - Saint Nicholas of Tolentino
Leganes                - April 5       - St. Vincent Ferrer
Lemery                 - January 28    - Santo Niño (Holy Child Jesus)
Leon                   - November 25   - St. catherine of Alexandria
Maasin                 - December 30   - Saint James the Great
Miagao                 - September 22  - St. Thomas of Villanova
Mina                   - October 12    - Our Lady of the Pillar
New Lucena             - January 24    - Our Lady of Good Voyage
Oton                   - December 8    - Immaculate Conception
Passi City             - February 10   -  San Guillermo /Saint Guilhem
Pavia                  - May 4         - St. Monica
Pototan                - May 8         - St. Joseph
San Dionisio           - May 5         - St. Vincent Ferrer
San Enrique            - May 24        - Virgin Mary
San Joaquin            - January 3 (Municipal) August 16 (Religious) - St. Joachim
San Miguel             - May 8         - St. Joseph
San Rafael             - October 24    - St. Raphael
Santa Barbara          - December 4    - St. Barbara
Sara                   - June 24       - St. John the Baptist
Tigbauan               - Third Sunday of January (Religious) June 12 (Municipal) - St. John of Sahagun
Tubungan               - January 17    - St. Anthony the Abbott
Zarraga                - May 15        - St. Isidore the Farmer


Monday, February 23, 2015

RISING DRAGON OF THE SOUTH: Two Newest Construction Projects In Iloilo City

Two of the newest planned and proposed construction projects in Iloilo City, Philippines

New Residential and Commercial Complex to be constructed in Iloilo City 

Proposed Mall In Iloilo City

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