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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Daigon Christmas Song Lyrics

This is the lyrics of the song Daigon, a Hiligaynon or Ilonggo Christmas carol song. This is sung every Christmas as a caroling song as one of the last songs of the carolers as the song signifies leaving for another home or place. I will try to translate it later in English

(An Ilonggo Christmas Carol Song)


O dungga man ninyo
Ang makaluluoy
Nga yari sa idalom
Nga nagapasilong
Nagahulat sang inyo
Maayong kabubut on
Nagabatas sang tun og
Sining kagab ihon

Sa pagkabulahan nga gab i
Ang amon karon nga pagkari;
Kay natao ang manunubos
Sa kalibutan nga luhaan

Paalam na sa inyo
Mga kautoran
Kag kabay sang diwa
Kamo kaluoyan

Paalam paalam
Sa inyo nga tanan
Kay kami na karon
Ang magataliwan.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Iloilo City Street And Places Names Origins

Old Plazoleta Gay

Calle Real in the 19th Century

Old Iloilo City Proper

The Iloilo City Proper today with the old International Business Hotel in the intersection

Muelle Loney - named in honor of Nicholas Loney, first British vice-consul of Iloilo and Father of Sugar Industry in the Philippines.

Iznart Street - was named after Spanish Iloilo Alcalde-mayor Manuel Iznart in 1860's . 

Ortiz Street  - named after Don Juan Ortiz Sr. 
Don Joaquin Ortiz Sr -  was a Spanish noble and wealthy family born in 1798 in Estepa, Sevilla, Spain and had the title of Marques de Luna.  He traveled around the  Philippines looking for a better location for establishing a business (shipyard)  and he found that Iloilo was situated in the center of the Philippines and had  ample supply of timber for his ships. Here he decided to invest shipping  business. Frigates, Batels and Bergantins were what tobe found being built in  his shipyard. It was also said that he built a beautiful Bergantine which he gave as a gift to Queen Maria Cristina de Bourbon

He donated parts of his property for the widening of the roads  and making new ones and so becoming one of the pioneers of in the development of  the city. Because of this, in appreciation and acknowledgment for his selfless  act, the officials then named Ortiz Street after him. His donations are now part of JM Basa Street, Ortiz Street, Iznart Street, Rizal Street and Gen. Luna Street and a piece of the Plazoleta Gay.

Delgado Street is considered the longest street in Iloilo City and is named after General Martin Delgado, the indomitable revolutionary who fought for Philippine independence against both the Spanish and American regimes. 

Valeria Street, on the other hand, has the distinction of being one of the few streets to carry a first name rather than a surname. Valeria Ledesma, one of the 17 children of the original owner, Anastacio Ledesma donated the area to the city - and it was decided that since there was already a Ledesma street named after her father, the street would bear her first name instead.   

A street from General Luna up to Rizal traversing Delgado and Ledesma was named after  Valeria Lopez Ledesma (Born on  April  27, 1866 ). She is daughter of  Anastacio Lopez Ledesma and Clara Jalandoni Lopez who donated that piece of land.

Photo Source: 

John Tewell, Life Magazine

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hiligaynon / Ilonggo / Kinaray-a - English Dictionary

If you ever encounter or stumble upon a local Hiligaynon/ Ilonggo or Kinaray-a word or term anywhere online or in person, these online dictionary and translation of local Hiligaynon terms into English were found helpful. One is the online copy of 1934 Kaufmann's Visayan - English Dictionary first published in Iloilo in 1934. Another one is a digital format of Diccionario de la lengua bisaya, hiligueina y haraya de la Isla de Panay compuesto por Alonso de Mentrida - Alonso de Mentrida (O.S.A.) - Libro - a reprinted copy published in 1841. Finally, the digital copy of the original book Bocabulario de lengua bisaia hiligueyna, y haraia de la isla de Panai y Sugbu, y para las demas islas first printed in 1637. Click on the following links below to find out the English translation of Hiligaynon terms and words and its meanings and samples used in sentences.
 Kaufmann's Visayan - English Dictionary (1934)

 Diccionario de la lengua bisaya, hiligueina y haraya de la Isla de Panay compuesto por Alonso de Mentrida - Alonso de Mentrida (O.S.A.) - Libro (1841)

 Bocabulario de lengua bisaia hiligueyna, y haraia de la isla de Panai y Sugbu, y para las demas islas (1637)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Iloilo City And Province Plazas, Town Squares and Public Parks

Public spaces, parks or plaza are places for recreation and past time a break from everyday hassle and stress. 

The city and province continuously making a lot of changes for the people and these are another example of those transformation. Some remains the same, others are renovated, restored, upgraded and made some facelifts to look what they are today. 

These are the municipal plazas, public parks or town square in the city and province of Iloilo. 






Barotac Nuevo

Barotac Viejo













Iloilo City









New Lucena


Passi City



San Dionisio

San Enrique

San Joaquin

San Miguel

San Rafael

Santa Barbara





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