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Monday, May 2, 2016

The Legend Of The Sampaguita Flower

The Sampaguita flower is a delight to anyone because of its pleasing fragrance. The Ilonggos has kept a legend about the origin of the national flower of the Philippines.

It was said during the early times, there is a king who was known for his richness and cruelty. He has a daughter named Guita. Guita is known for her beauty, kindness and humility. Though she possess and experience beautiful things and admired by everyone she was not happy. Her father is not thoughtful and helpful to the poor and forbid Guia to socialize and mingle with them and even strolling in the garden is not allowed by her father.

One day when her father is away, the lady went to the garden. She was playing with the flowers when she heard the whistle of a young man. The young man is Sampa, son of a planter. Guita asked the young man what he needs who in turn responded that he only wants to befriend her. The two made a mutual understanding.

They are currently conversing or chatting when the king passed by and saw Sampa holding the hands of Guita. In the eruption of fury and anger of the king he instantly ordered the killing of the two and buried them together.

About three months had passed and one day the king passed by the tomb of the lovers. He was shocked to see on top of the soil the beautiful, attractive white flowers which possesses fragrance. Tears fell down his eyes in regret for what he has done before. He cried and cried while saying:

   "Ay Guita, ay Guita, Sampa and Guita. Where are you?"

In his grief, the King lost consciousness. When he regained his consciousness, he ordered to call Sampaguita the flower in remembrance of the unfortunate lovers.

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