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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Adventures of Juan Pusong

There are kind hearted old couple who has a good relationship, obedience and loyalty despite hardship, poverty and struggles. It could have been an ultimate happiness for them if they could only have a child.

One day, the man collected woods while the woman washes clothes in the river. The latter is so busy with her work when she saw a watermelon (sandiya in Hiligaynon) floating towards her. The humongous watermelon which caught her attention is getting closer and closer. She reaches out and grab the object and carefully put it in batya. She hurriedly finished her laundry and went home.

When the man went home that afternoon, the woman showed him the watermelon. They were both happy with the founding of the watermelon because they have something to eat. The man gets a knife to cut open the watermelon but it opened voluntarily. A little baby boy came out foretelling:  “Don’t be scared, I’m all yours now sent by God from heaven.”

Such is the delight of the couple. They baptized the child to a wise man. The child was called Huan or Juan Pusong.

Huan Pusong is a very strong child and his growing up years is like a blown up balloon. He is well loved by his adopted parents and considered him their own child. Juan Pusong loves to play with birds and other animals.

One day, Juan Pusong asked permission to go to the town proper. When he reached the town, he went to the market to buy some crabs and salt which was ordered by her mother. For the first time going away from home, there are lots of things attracted him. It’s already afternoon when he traced his path going home. In traversing the way, he needs to cross a stream. When Juan saw the carabaos or water buffalo swimming in the water he felt some humidity and convinced to take a bath. He remembered the request of his mother. He thought of a way to have the items he bought in the market to arrive first in their home. He let loose the buri bundle and said to the crabs;

“Crabs, you go home first since you can crawl. Tell my mother that I’ll go home bringing the salt. Just follow this path. On the first house that you can reach, you should stop because my mother is on the door and waiting. She will receive you.”

The crabs crawled. Juan put the salt in a big rock. He was scared it will fall so he transferred it to a hole with water. And off Juan happily took a bath, climbing at the back of the carabaos or water buffalo and jumping off the carabao to the water. When he look back, he saw the crawling crabs. He chased them but all of the crabs entered a hollow area. He took off the water to get the salt. In his stupefaction, the salt became water.

There’s a lot more stories about the adventures of Juan Pusong which is almost the same as Juan Tamad of the Tagalogs.

Though he is just a simple character, Juan gets some attention. Juan is a delight despite of his stupidity and laziness. The anecdotes about him is full of laughter.

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