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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Tree of Salay

There is a tree of Salay or Salai (Boswellia serrata) in Santa Barbara. The Americans were then building and laying the tracks or railway of a train that will reach Capiz province. They reached and came to the place where the tree of Salay stands. Due to unknown and unexplained cause, a lot of the workers died while building the railway in this place. Shortly after, the chief contractor dreamed of a beautiful lady who told him to discontinue their work and the cutting off the tree of Salay. The said tree of Salay is a hindrance to the construction of the rail track.  The American said he is ready to buy the site and land. The mysterious lady responded that even all the wealth and riches of America could not compensate the value of the land. She further added that they have a lot of ships in that area. She warned the chief engineer that all of his workers will die if he continued with his plan on Salay tree. On this omen, the engineer decided to change the route of the railway. Since then, no one of his workers had died.

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