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Monday, May 16, 2016

A Chick in the Throat

A sick child was brought to the doctor but the doctor could not diagnose his illness or disease. The family guessed it was ulcer.  The godmother of the child don’t want to believe because the things occurring to his godchild is unusual. So she decided better to bring the child to a person who is not a babaylan but someone who has some knowledge about this bizarre events. He gave the child a medicine. After two days, the child throw up and seems like he felt something in his throat that is difficult to release. It eventually came out of his mouth but he never saw what it is because he passed out. According to the folk doctor, it was a chick. The child had a chick in his stomach because he bullied, insulted and humiliated a person as a sarcasm and he never believed aswang exists. Some said that person is an aswang but he never believed. For him, everything is for fun and entertainment however the person became furious and as a revenge, he hexed the child. His condition became worse and he almost became an ultimate aswang because according to the folk doctor, the chick in his stomach which is moving that when it reaches his armpit, will make him fly at night.

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