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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Tamawo Suitor

The tamawos were the fairies of the Ilonggos. They were considered as someone who are like us. They went to the market, church and hear mass but goes out when the Holy Eucharist is raised. The only difference is that the tamawo has no balintataw (pupils) in their eyes.

Love captures and conquers anyone. Just like the ocean, it is free, vast and knows no boundary. This was the description of the life of Aling Rosing. She became the center of affection of a tamawo. She was a twenty-two year old young lady then. Around eleven o’clock then while she was gathering and picking some nipa leaves she heard someone is calling her name and she saw a man sitting near a tree. He might probably be around thirty years old. The young lady was immovable or static from where she stands and she felt sleepy and passed out. It was already afternoon when she regained consciousness. She never saw anyone but after a short while, he saw the man again. He is just staring at her, speechless. Aling Rosing went home carrying the nipa leaves. The man followed her. He suddenly disappeared when they were nearing the house of Aling Rosing.

After two months, one night Aling Rosing accompanied her mother to the shores to fulfill some necessities. Aling Rosing saw a lot of people – men and women but her mother saw nothing. They pulled Aling Rosing towards the stairs of the palace like house in Roca Encantada. The tamawos were talking to each other but she could not understand their language. The man she saw before was also present here but he is not talking. The young man remained speechless at that point. Aling Rosing was followed by her mother in Roca Encantada and the tamawos instantly disappeared like bubbles.

Aling Rosing turns twenty-four years old at that time. The very round full moon is exploding with golden brilliance. She thought of going to the shores. All of a sudden, a mysterious young man came out of her sight that seems like keeping a feeling of affection to her. He holds her by the hands. Aling Rosing seems lost. Together they crossed the shores from Roca Encantada until Barrio Navalas. Then the tamawo or fairy disappeared again.

On this bizarre event, Aling Rosing’s father ordered her to drink some tuba or local palm wine to drive away the tamawo and abandon her.  The tuba or palm wine was believed to be the drink hated by the tamawos or fairies. Since Aling Rosing started to drink tuba or palm wine, the tamawo suitor never ever appeared to her again.

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