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Thursday, May 5, 2016


When the world is young, the form of relaxation such as television, computers and internet, gadgets, movies, radios and others is far from the imagination of human. During the time of our ancestors, their only form of leisure during their past time is the entertaining folk tales. In any gathering, the narration of folk tales will always be a part and never forgotten. There is a wide scope of topics in it. The themes of the folk tales are something that can give you goosebumps like the movements of the aswangs, mantiws (giants), kama kama (elves), tamawo (fairies) and others or heart pumping stories of romance, adventure or uncovering mysteries. The entertaining and pleasurable moments  of Juan Pusong's misadventures. All these stories are passed through generations but could no longer traced the authors or original storytellers. Folktales are narrative prose and considered fiction.

The folktales presented in the succeeding articles are about: 1. heroes whose accounts were classified in different categories like saints, brave and strong individuals or possessing power or unusual strengths, and comic characters 2. mythical creatures like aswang, kapre (ogre), kama kama (elf), katao (mermaid), tamawo (fairies) 3. mystery like spirits, people, objects, places. Let's take a look and read some of Ilonggo folk tales.

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