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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Hidden City Of Barotac Viejo

The hill of Angas and the mountain of Upao are two places in the town which were believed by the people as the site of the twin cities of the tamawo or fairies. According to the folklore, a very fortunate person can see flashy cars which were more beautiful than those seen in pictures and postcards in the big cities in Europe and America. People who were blessed to be friends with these creatures can have a glimpse of palace like mansion at the foothills of the mountain. These are seldom to happen so no one is certain when these sightings will happen again. The barrio of San Francisco which is the just near the shore is said to be the pier. On this fateful night of luck, which was told by the elders, it will be focused in the marveling eyes of the people the towering heights of the city which consists of thousands of skyscrapers, huge commercial and passenger vessels and cruise liner from different countries, and all of the luxurious attributes of a modern metropolis. Due to these beliefs in the cities of the fairies, the people were so careful in traveling or strolling around these cities.

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