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Monday, May 30, 2016

Mystery In The Balete Tree

There is a young lady named Aida who is being wooed or pursued by the tamawo. This fairy is living in a balete tree near the water well. Everyday, the young woman washes clothes and takes a bath in this place.

One day, the fairy appeared to Aida. The young woman was so amazed because of his brawny body and his lavish costume. The fairy invited the young woman to stroll around and visit their house. They rode a car going to the house of the fairy. A palace like mansion fronting Negros Island is the place they visited. A beautiful scenery was sighted by the young lady. The man said that if the young woman likes they can visit Negros first before they eat. They rode an airplane and went around Negros Island. When they returned, delicious food is already served in the table. There is white and purple rice. The woman is wondering because the rice is moving. The woman was so scared she asked to leave without taking some food.

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