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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Origin Of Makapuno

Long time ago, there is a couple who has a very beautiful daughter named Makapuno. The couple lived in a secluded place near the river where they have a farm. Shortly after, a young man from a neighboring town heard of the beauty of Makapuno. He decided to visit the beautiful lady. When he arrived at the house of the lady, he saw that she has a suitor. Despite of this, he did not lose hope to woo the lovely woman. In his determination he obtained the nod of the lady in her desire. They scheduled the wedding. When the young man's rival to Makapuno heard of this, he returned to destroy the lovers.

One day while Makapuno and her boyfriend is strolling along the river, came the rival to her love who has evil intention a suitor of the lady mingling in their conversation. Without hesitation, he pulled a dagger in his pocket and continuously stabbed the lover of Makapuno. The lady thought it better to face death than to be in the hands of an evil suitor. A bloodbath event took place thereafter. Makapuno was buried by a grieving parents. After a few days, a plant emerges from the place where the beautiful lady was buried. When it bore fruits, it has produces a lot. So they name the plant Makapuno in memory of their beloved daughter. Furthermore, the word puno means full so the name of this fruit is appropriate. 

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