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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Legend of Pineapple

Once upon a time, there lived in Panay Island a very good leader named Datu Pinyang. Datu Pinyang is the richest and most powerful among all datus of other races in the land in those days. He is a just man and kind to people so he was loved and respected by his people.

The datu has a beautiful daughter named Mayad-ayad. A lot of datus and maharlikas or noblemen fell in love with Mayad-ayad including Datu Mapahitas, a datu of a race in nearby parts of Panay. However, Mayad-ayad preferred is a warrior of her father named Maisog (which means brave),and even if he has no nobility, Maisog is a strong and brave young man. To the young man chosen by the lovely lady to marry her father has no disagreement.

The relationship of Mayad-ayad and Maisog agreed by Datu Pinyang brought anger and fury in the heart of Datu Mapahitas because he really wants to marry Mayad-ayad and obtain the vast wealth of Datu Pinyang. Shortly after, Mayad-ayad got sick and her father called a doctor but she was not cured instead she got worse. Datu Mapahitas heard the worsening condition of the lovely lady. He decided it was the right time to carry out his plan of revenge.

Datu Mapahitas disguises and pretended to be a doctor and upon meeting Datu Pinyang he said he wants to cure the illness of Mayad-ayad and he will cure in the condition that they will follow his judgment.

Datu Pinyang asked what should be done and the pretending doctor said "It must," he said "is the roots of dita and sap of that wood." And the fake doctor continued that the one who should get those solutions is the person who has a pure love to the sick patient.

Datu Pinyang responded: "If that is so, me and Maisog will go now and find those things in the forest."

Datu Pinyang immediately went to wilderness. All of a sudden Mapahitas henchmen surfaced out of nowhere who hid behind the trees and pierced Datu Pinyang until he died.

When Maisog saw that Datu Pinyang is dead, he escaped, gather all the men of his race and presided the attack against the henchmen of Datu Mapahitas and to save Mayad-ayad.

In the battle, Datu Mapahitas was killed and many of his men and those remaining alive escaped. When the enemy troops were defeated, Maisog looked for the body of Datu Pinyang, buried in front of his house and Mayad-ayad planted some beautiful plants around it which she sprinkled with water everyday.

A peculiar event took place that the site where Datu Pinyang was buried surfaced a shrub that resembles a head with a crown and decorated around with something that looks like small arrows in the form of a saw and when it grows and ripen really resembles the head of Datu Pinyang and it was now called Pinya or pineapple by the people of the race in honor of the named datu.

The story is also widespread about a mother and child that the stupidity of the child is the root cause of the pineapple plant. It seems that her daughter is not using her eyes. Each time she was asked by her mother to get something, she just always asked her in return. This is her habit. Until her mother got sick her daughter is still doing the same thing so the old woman unintentionally wished that she will have several eyes. Pinya suddenly disappears. When the old woman recovered and got healed from her sickness she saw an unusual plant having something that looks like eyes in their garden while searching for her daughter while Pinya suddenly disappears like a bubble. Eventually, she realized that the plant was her daughter.

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