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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The House Full Of Aswangs

There is a soldier who got lost in a far flung remote town in Iloilo. Since he knew someone in the place named Sario, he stayed in his house.

“Sario, Sario, this is Ruben, your soldier friend. Can I sleep and spend the night in your house?”

He was graciously accepted and brought to the only room in the house. He observed that there were lots of people in the house of Sario.

“I was ashamed, you have lots of guests here,” the soldier said.

“Those were the friends of my mother, in a short while, they will leave,” replied Sario.

When Ruben is fast asleep, he was suddenly awakened by an unusual smell that seems foul and putrid. He heard a rustling sound in the room and after that, he felt something perching on his skin. He saw it was a huge bat. He pulled out his bladed weapon and shouted:

“Ikaw,  yawa ka, patyon kita karon (you demon, I will kill you).”

After that, he called Sario. When Sario went inside the room, the bat is gone and the smell and then Sario went out the room. Moments after, Ruben again felt something sticking on his body like a sharp pointed needle. He shouted and showed his bladed bolo weapon. Sario went inside the room again and said:

“Nay, ayaw pag binuang.” (Mother, don’t be silly, don’t act foolish).

Ruben was terrified so he decided to leave the house at that moment of full moon. With the lights of the full moon striking the house, he saw while leaving the bed room, in the living room a lot of bodies without heads and half bodies cut from the waist without its upper part. He gets some salt and put it in all the half bodies. After that, Ruben left the house. He stayed in other people’s house and spent the night there and he learned from there that the mother of Sario is the leader of the aswangs in the barrio and they all meet in the house of Sario.

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