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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Saved Thread-Thin by the Last Minute

In a town lived Gimo who is rumored by the people as the aswang. One night in a gathering, a teacher was invited by the daughter of Gimo to spend the night in their house. The teacher agreed because there were no transportation to ride home. They were already lying in bed when the teacher overheard someone having a conversation. It was almost dawn then. She had doubts about what they are talking about and arguments and tried to understand it. She was never wrong with her intuition. A man ordered another person that when the water boils they will go upstairs in the house. To distinguish it from his daughters, they will look for the distinguishing marks of the teacher which is the earrings and the ring. The teacher was overwhelmed with extreme shock but she tried to compose herself and tried to find ways in this tough situation. She slowly and silently returns back to her bedroom, remove her jewelries and put carefully to one of the daughters of Gimo. She gets a patadyong to cover her face and went downstairs. She felt more shock and surprise when she saw a cauldron full of boiling water. She became more tense and have more goosebumps when she was sighted by Gimo and asked why she was downstairs. Fortunately, she was able to reason out immediately.  When she was able to shelter or hid away from the men, she run as fast she could away from that place. Meanwhile, Gimo went upstairs and chosen his victim.  He hacked the one he touches with jewelry and brought it down. In his clumsiness he realized that the one he hit was his daughter. They immediately chased and went after the escaped teacher who already reached the house of a judge.  The lady is narrating her ordeal when Gimo arrived. Gimo accused the teacher of stabbing her daughter but the judge never believed it. The daughter of Gimo was not dead. There are some statements claiming that the daughter of Gimo is putting a bandana on her neck to hide the scar caused by the wound on her neck.

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