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Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Tamawo in Santa Barbara

In a village of Sta. Barbara, there is a young man named Pilo. It is a habit for Pilo to bring a guitar when visiting his lover. In the road is a lush balete tree which is widely reputed and known as the dwelling of the tamawo.

One humid night, Pilo is returning home from strolling around when he thought of passing by and serenade alone in the balete tree. He is just starting to sing some lovely songs accompanied by the sounds of the guitar when Pilo felt the wind is blowing stronger. Pilo continued to sing without even fearing. In the middle of his singing the rain suddenly fell but Pilo noticed he never got wet. It was followed by a sudden appearance of a fire from the top of the balete tree and Pilo was petrified and attempted to run but it seems something is stopping him. In a blink of an eye, it came to the view of Pilo a very big house, a house he could not describe its beauty.

Pilo saw the opening of the door and in an instance he realized that he was at the porch of the house facing a very beautiful lady. They talked for a long while and the lady told him he should return the next day as long as he should avoid drinking tuba and smoking.

Pilo went home as if dreaming to what had happened to him. The next day Pilo bragged to his friends about what had happened and planned to return to the place together with his friends. They spent the whole night and early dawn serenading but what was expected did not happened. Most probably his companions were inebriated.

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