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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Agraciada A girl who works in a Catholic convent school for her board and lodging
Alcalde Mayor A Spanish official who held a position like that of a judge of the court of first instance.
Balintawak A place just outside of Manila where Bonifacio and his men started the revolution.
Capitan del Pueblo Captain of the town; a Spanish official whose position was like that of town mayor today.
Carillas Public shows, largely musical or puppet shows.
Cartilla A small pamphlet used for learning to read. It contains the alphabet and syllable of words.
Comparza Trozo. A group of musicians in Tondo. It was popular during the later part of the Spanish days. Trozo is that part of Manila now better known as Magdalena-Benavides section.
Compania Infantil A society that gave musical shows in various places
Counsellors Advisers.
Colegio Literally means college. A colegio is a school for girls and young boys. Many of the Catholic private schools are called colegios.
“Darak” Rice bran; broken coat of wheat, rice, or other cereal.
Death March The trip of the Filipino prisoners from Bataan to the prison camp at Capas
Diligent Hard-working; industrious
Enameling A covering of glass-like substance
Exiles Persons who are not allowed to live in their own country.
Guardia Civiles. Spanish soldiers.
Jesus’ Sacred Heart College A college in Lucena founded be Hermana Fausta Labrador
Insignias Emblem or badges on sleeves or collars showing rank or connection with some organization.
Jota A kind of dance
Katipunan A secret society founded by Bonifacio for the purpose of fighting against the Spanish government.
Kempeitai Japanese secret police
Maltreat To abuse cruelly.
Margarita Lopez Owner of a private school where Librada Avelino went
Marianas A group of islands in the Pacific. Tandang Sora was exiled there.
Martyr A person who chooses to suffer or die for a cause.
Mausoleum A large tomb
McCullough The name of the American boat on which General Aguinaldo returned from Hong Kong
Miguel Vicos A Spanish mestiza who shot Diego Silang
Missionaries Persons sent to various places for religious work.
Mundos Madrid A Spanish newspaper.
Moral crusader A person who fights wrong doings.
Moro-moro A kind of stage play usually based on the fight between the Christians and the Mohammedans. Also the name of a play for children, consisting of tugging and dodging.
Mourn To express sorrow for the dead
Novitiate A person preparing for a religious life
Orphanage A home for those who have no parents
Palanan A town in Isabela province where General Aguinaldo retreated when pursued by the Americans.
Pasong Tamo A place in Balintawak; well-known battleground during the Philippine Revolution.
Fort Santiago An old Spanish fort where Filipino rested by the Japanese were imprisoned
Plaque Marker made of either a piece of wood or thin piece of metal
Pension An amount of money given to a person by the government in recognition for services in the people.
Philippines Anti-Leprosy Society Society which looks after the welfare of lepers.
Purity Freedom from any wrong motive. Cleanliness
Proclaimed. Made known to the public
Quiles A horse-drawn vehicle quite popular among the rich during the Spanish days.
Revolution An armed movement of the people for the purpose of changing the government
Sculptor A person who carves or models figures from clay, chalk, marble, or bronze
Senators Members of the senate, usually the upper house of a legislative body
Social Justice Fair deal for the poor. It usually means providing measures for the improvement of their living conditions.
Talibongs Sharp, big bolos.
Tenant A farmer who tills a piece of land for its owner
Teniente del barrio An official very much like a municipal councilor today
Tuberculosis A disease affecting various parts of the body, oftentimes the lungs. Tuberculosis of the lungs is called consumption.
Vice An undesirable habit like gambling, drinking or cursing
Walang Sugat Title of a play written by Severino Reyes
Welfare Condition of health, happiness, plenty
Woman Suffrage The right of women to vote and hold public office
Women’s Temperance Union A society the principal purpose of which is stop drinking

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