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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beauty Enshrined and Enfolded

Miag-ao Church

Gigantes Island located in the northwestern most point of Panay and part of Carles, Iloilo

Nelly Gardens in Iloilo

       With its scenic tropical environment teeming with animal and plant life, a colorful history and a rich cultural heritage, Western Visayas is a captivating tourist package offering enriching experiences to visitors. A thrilling bird-watching experience await bird watchers at Taklong Island in the southern tip of Guimaras and in Semirara Island off Caluya Island in Antique. Crowds of beach lovers are drawn irresistibly to the white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters of Boracay in Aklan, in Sicogon Islands in Estancia and Gigantes Islands in Carles. For mountain climbers, the 7,989 feet (2,435 meters) summit of Mt. Kanlaon or the 6,945 feet (2,117 meters) peak of Mt. Madia-as promises to be an exhilarating experience.
         Evidences of the long colonial presence of Spain in the region are old Spanish churches and the old colonial mansions of sugar barons in Negros Occidental and in Iloilo City. Most famous of these churches are the UNESCO World Heritage Site Miag-ao Church and Alimodian Church in Iloilo and the Pan-ay Church in Capiz with its century-old bell made out of copper, silver and gold. It is said to be the largest in Asia. Other historical edifices include monuments and shrines of World War II.

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