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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alimodian Barangays and its Fiesta

                   Fiesta is a rich religious and cultural tradition in the Philippines honoring various saints. It is done with holy mass and religious procession and the festive mood is defined with lots of foods, games, dancing and pageantry. 
               These are the history and feast days of the forty-nine (49) barangays and 11 sitios in the town of Alimodian honoring their respective patron saints. 
               Barangay which comes from the root word "balangay," a ship used by the Malays for transportation during the Middle Age is the smallest administrative division in the Philippines. Barangay is a local term for a small village within a town while sitio is a small community within a village. By the way, Malay is the modern Filipino ancestors. Capitan or Captain / Teniente is the title of the leader of the barangay.

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