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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Other Notable Ilongos

Pedro Monteclaro

Pedro Monteclaro 

This Ilonggo was born in Miagao, Iloilo on October 15, 1850. He finished his studies at the Seminario Colegio de Jaro in 1865, married twice and had five children. He served as Lieutenant Major in 1891 and Gobernadorcillo from 1892 - 1894. He immediately became a local hero in his leadership and diplomacy during the revolutionary period and the invasion of the Americans. He is also known as a poet  in vernacular as well as in Spanish and some of his Visayan songs remain. He died on April 13, 1909 and a Philippine Constabulary camp was named Camp Monteclaro in commemorating this great Ilonggo and where his monument was enshrined. He wrote Maragtas sang Panay. 

Flavio Zaragoza Cano

Flavio Zaragoza Cano

Born in Cabatuan, Iloilo on June 27, 1882. He was crowned twice as "Prince of the Ilonggo Poets".  Zaragoza became a member of the Academia Real Española. The poet won in the Spanish poetry contest organized by the Commonwealth government in 1940 for his book entitled "De Mactan a Tirad." Cano is one of three greatest Filipino poet in Spanish along with Fernando Maria Guerrero and Cecilio Apostol.

Jose Maria Arroyo

A native of Molo District in Iloilo City, he was elected to the Philippine Senate twice. The Arroyo Fountain built in 1927 in front of the old Iloilo Provincial Capitol building or the Casa Real (Royal House) was named after him, in recognition for his efforts of authoring Republic Act 3222, a law that establish the Iloilo Metropolitan Waterworks in 1925. 

Quintin Salas

Quintin Salas

Salas was born on October 31, 1870 in Dumangas, Iloilo. He became a hero of the Balantang revolt in Jaro on March, 1899. He was the bravest Ilonggo revolutionary leader and the last Ilonggo to surrender his arms or weapon.

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  1. This is a very good information that you have provided us. We should have knowledge about our revolutionary leaders and how they have struggled for our rights. Thanks for your effort!


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