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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Iloilo City Hymn Lyrics and English Translation

This is Iloilo City official hymn. The lyrics and music arranged by Professor Arne Lubasan and written in Hiligaynon. Here is the lyrics in Hiligaynon language and its English translation.

Iloilo City Hymn Lyrics featuring places and events in the city of Iloilo

“Himno Sang Dakbanwa Sang Iloilo” - Iloilo City Hymn
Lyrics and Music by: Prof. Arne Lubasan


Puluy-an ka sang mga dungganon
Guindihon sa imong gugmang bilidhon
Namat-an sang mga baganihan
Nakigbato para sa kahilwayan


Dunang manggad sa amon guin-aman
Manggaran sa kulturang kinaadman
May maragtas nga madinu-agon
Bulawanon ang mga palanubli-on


Iloilo, Iloilo
Dakbanwa kong nahamut-an
Iloilo, Iloilo
Bugal magpadulong diin man
Tampad nga magpabilin sa imo
Tungod palangga ko
Dakbanwang Iloilo, bugal ko!


Himpit nga gugma sa imo halad
Sakdagon ang imong katuyuan
Itib-ong ang kauswagan
Padayun nga angkunon ang katin-aran

English Translation

I Home of the dignified
Taken from your pure love
Cradle of heroes
Fought for freedom

Natural resources bestowed on us
Rich in indigenous culture
Has a colorful history
Golden heritage


Iloilo, Iloilo
My hometown I love
Iloilo, Iloilo
The pride which will be carried anywhere
Faithfully stays with you
Because I love
My city, my pride!


Formidable love I offer to you
Patronize your intentions
Promote progress
Continue to own prosperity

Video Courtesy of:

Mark Vic Rejaba Youtube Channel

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for posting this...
    Please consider also this translation:

    Thou art the abode of the noble
    Molded with thy pure love
    Birthplace of heroes
    That fought for liberty

    Natural resources prepared for us
    Rich in cultural talents
    Colourful thy history
    Golden thy heritage

    Iloilo, Iloilo
    The city I love
    Iloilo, Iloilo
    Pride wherever i may lead
    Loyal i shall remain
    Because i love thee
    City of iloilo, my pride.

    Pure love to you i offer
    Support your intentions
    Promote your development
    Continually achieve progress


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