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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome To My Hometown: My First Post

This is my second serious formal blog. Actually I already did quite a few blogs before as an experiment to see if it can generate readers and fortunately, one blog that speaks romanticism attracts younger people and also those who love essays. It did make some people have their say however due to hectic schedule and I don’t have the time to write for my blogs so I left it open-ended and promise to return to writing if there’s time. Due to a busy lifestyle that I need to find a job and earn decent pay, I almost forgot about blogging or just plain blurbing but fortunately a youth-oriented show reminded me about blogging and brings me back harnessing my strength – writing. Since I sharpen my wit and versatility in writing through reading as one of my hobby, blogging is unstoppable for me – to write something about or have significance in me and my life.
I started writing back for my blogs just six months ago writing anything that interests me to share to global readers and to my excitement, the world reads and appreciate my blogs hoping that through these blogs that they have a sneak peek into my world and who really am I. This overwhelming success at its nestling stage is what drives me to write my second blog. The second blog describes about the environment where I was brought up, raised and molded into I am today and the thing that motivates me to gaze into the future & it will give you a hint to what I was, what I am now and what I will become – it’s all about my hometown and travel which I love doing. It is a pleasure, an opportunity and a shot to destiny to which I share a part of me to the rest of the world. Welcome to my hometown and join me in my travel and wacky adventure!

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