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Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Panoramic View Of the Town Of Alimodian

Alimodian Town Plaza and Parish Church

The Alimodian Municipal Town Hall

The beautiful panoramic view of the picturesque town of Alimodian beckons visitors from far and near to savor the hospitality of its friendly people. 

The sight of the town from afar is a safe guarantee that pollution is not one of its problems. There is greenery all around furnished by slender swaying coconut, bamboo, starapple and other trees.

From the City of Iloilo one easily sees that he is nearing Alimodian when he sees the marker right on the boundary that separates Alimodian from San Miguel. The landmark in Barangay Buhay says, "Welcome to Alimodian". It further states the distance from that place to the towns of Leon and San Miguel.

As the car speeds along the highway, he can see the ALEOSAN District Hospital, beautifully situated on top of a bill over looking the street, valleys and river below. From the end of the concrete road, one experiences a bumpy road up to the town of Alimodian, which is very dusty during the dry season and muddy during the rainy months.

Then as one ascends the road going uphill, he passes the town plaza where he can view the Municipal Hall at his right, the basketball court at the southern end of the town plaza, the bandstand at the center and the 18th century church at the western portion opposite the main road.

At the center of the bandstand is the statue of Dr. Jose Rizal facing the east. On the northeastern corner of the plaza is the statue of Andres Bonifacio. As one turns left going to the west, one sees the statue of Maria Clara.

At the right side of the road stands the renovated building that houses the Alimodian Kilusang Bayan for Credit (now the Municipal Library) and the Alimodian Water District. On the next bloc, one sees the Nutrition and Day Care Center, then the Alimodian Barangay Captain and SK offices. Farhter west at the end of the road is the Alimodian Central Elementary School.

Turning right on the first crossing from the ABC and SK office and Day Care Center , one is led to the public market, and passing M. Anas Street going to Magtanong Park, there stands the monument of Agustin Magtanong, the founder of the town.

From Magtanong Park, one can get a glimpse of the Alimodian National Comprehensive High School, the only national secondary school in town located at the northern end of the poblacion.
A landmark which the town can be doubly proud of is the Agony Hill. This religious shrine located on the ranges of Igcaras Hill on the eastern side of the town has 14 Stations of the Cross on top of the hill. On the highest slope stand three crosses where Jesus and the thieves were nailed. During the Lenten season all roads lead to the Agony Hill. The pious from the community and other places in the Province of Iloilo come for the Way of the Cross. The Agony Hill is not only a reilgious shrine in the community but also a tourist attraction, as well.

On top of the Igcaras Hill, one cannot help but appreciate the breath taking views of the winding Aganan River, the evergreen corn and cotton fields and the swaying bamboo and coconut trees below.
Scanning the horizon, one views the church with its belfry that was toppled to the ground by the earthquake on January 28, 1948. Coming into full view, top are the convent and the galvanized iron roofs of houses that glimmer against the tropic sun.

To the Alimodiananons, only a few left the place for greener pastures because there's really no place so lovely as Alimodian.

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