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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Official Municipal Symbols of Alimodian

Official Seal of The Municipality of Alimodian
It was during the time of Mayor Miguel Anas when the different municipal symbols were adopted. In the regular session of the Municipal Council on July 29,1973, the following were declared to be the official symbols of the town of Alimodian:

Alimodian Municipal Flag 

Municipal Flag: The municipal flag shall be rectangular in form, 26 inches long and 42 inches wide. It shall be blue,red,orange and pink in four equal parallel lines emanating from the equilateral triangle at the left side. The flag is spangled with 51 gold stars representing the barangays comprising the municipality. There is a bigger star at the apex of the triangle representing the poblacion. At the center of the white triangle is a circle circumscribed with heavy blue lines with red and gold flame.

When the flag is hoisted on the flagpole, the blue stripe shall be on top and when it is displayed on the wall, the white triangle shall be on top and the blue stripe shall be on the right. The municipal arm and seal shall be imprinted at the center of the municipal flag.

Municipal Folk Dance: The municipal folk dance is the classic favorite dance of the elders, "Boluntario" which is the choice dance during special occasions. It ranks with any other folk dance in art and style.

Municipal Song: The municipal song is a Visayan song entitled "Salve Rizal" in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal, our national hero.

Municipal Arm: The rising sun with golden rays, illumines the summit of the mountain range, the vast vegetative plain on the foreground and the river running parallel to the mountain range. The shield is at the center with red, blue, white and gold stripes. The balayong, municipal tree, is on the left, equidistant with the bagiw-bagiw, municipal flower, at the right of the shield. Above is the Tagwati, municipal bird, with horizontal scroll across with the motto "Truth always prevails."

Alimodian Municipal Seal

Municipal Seal: The entire seal is circular in form, with arm described in the last preceding paragraph. Surrounding the shield is a double margin circle within which appears on the upper portion "Municipality of Alimodian"

Municipality Motto: "Truth Always Prevails".

Municipality Tree: The municipal tree is the perennial balayong commonly called tindalo, the most common wood used for principal house posts in the locality.

Municipal Colors:

Green: The municipality is highly fertile and vegetative; hence, the color green, representing vegetation.

Gold: Vegetation brings forth bounties not merely enough for food and
prime commodities but bountiful harvest that will in turn bring forth income.

Municipal Bird: Tagwati is a bird commonly seen in Asian countries found in places from India to the Philippines. Its bill is long and straight. The graduated tail of the male is longer in summer than in winter. Plumage is usually dull gray, or green above, with rufous crown and whitish or yellowish breast. The Tagwati is of special interest for its remarkable nest is made from growing leaves stitched together with vegetable fiber. Using its bill as needle, the female passes the fiber back and forth, knotting the nest and a purse-like structure is formed. Within this structure, a nest is built made of hard and fine grass. Here the eggs are laid.

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