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Monday, November 1, 2010

ANCHS Class 2000 - 2001 Class History

ANCHS Class 2000 – 2001
Class History
by: Jacquelyn Gomez, Flory Ann Alinsud & Carol Jean Capitpit

How fast time flies. We remember the days when you were with us. The laughter and tears we shared for years. But now we’re gone away and left you all. It’s really hard to say goodbye to our dear Alma Mater, the Alimodian National Comprehensive High School. ANCHS will always have a special space in our hearts. Before we leave, we will share with you our golden moments in our four years stay in this institution.

It was………………………….

March 24 – June 1, 1997: We lined up ourselves and presented our cards for enrollment. Each of us had his own companion. We were guided by our parents, brothers and sisters and even our friends.

June 2, 1997: Classes started. We were divided into 11 sections. As freshmen, we felt very shy because of the new faces we had seen. At first, we just talked with our elementary schoolmates and old friends but later we were acquainted with other students.

August 1997: We held our Intramural Meet. Although we had no experience, we garnered third place in overall games.
We were all proud because we won second runner up in Cheering and Yelling Contest. Moreover we also received award as the Most Numbered Participants.

October 1997: We had our first celebration of United Nations. Ann Marie Alcantara, our muse made it to the top 10. Our historians, Michel John Allones and Bevien Alcantara also won third place in the UN Quiz.

December 19, 1997: We celebrated our Christmas Party with great joy and excitement. We participated in different contests which included Santa Claus, Lip Synch, Vocal Duet and Christmas Disco

March 31, 1997: It was Graduation Day! The year happily ended. Liny Garillos, Jacquelyn Gomez and Marissa Tolentino topped the honor list.

Two-month vacation passed like a strong wind……..
June 1, 1998: We were divided into 10 sections with only 45-50 students in a class.

June 12, 1998: We celebrated our 100 years of the Philippine Independence in a very unique way.

August 13 – 15, 1998: Intramural Meet was held again. Despite of little experience, we didn’t raise nor lower our rank. We landed again for the second time in the third place.

   We also bagged places in the Cultural Contest. Ma. Febe Salinas and Jay Bee Jocson won second places in English and Filipino declamation respectively.

December 18, 1998: For the second time, Christmas Party was celebrated. We showed our great efforts and garnered second place in Christmas Disco.

March 29, 1999: Graduation Day again! It was Marissa Tolentino, Jacquelyn Gomez and Liny Garillos who got the first three places in the honor list.

    After two months rest……….

June 1, 1999: The most challenging year for all of us. The time for us to decide what electives were suited for each one of us. The electives offered were Electricity, Dressmaking, Food Trades or Culinary Arts, Furniture and Cabinet making, Animal Science, Agriculture, Cosmetology and Building Construction. We wanted to be in one group of friends so almost all of us followed what others took as electives we were not wise to choose what we really liked.

September 2-4, 1999: It was our Intramural Meet. We were almost familiar with different games, so we raised our rank from third place to second place. It was the battle of the best in the Cheering and Yelling contest. The juniors, who almost emerged as the champion, ranked first runner up for just 0.001 point behind the Seniors and received a special award of being The Most Colorful Group.

 Our very sexy cheer leader, Cherry Gil Alegroso was the Best Cheer Leader.

September 22, 1999: Stephanie Ampane represented the ANCHS as a candidate for Fiesta Muse and landed as third runner up.

October 3, 1999: It was a challenge for the Juniors who aspired to be officers of the CAT-1 for the next year. The last day of submission to Medical Certificate and almost all were very busy.

October 1999: United Nations Celebration. Joanna Marie Gomez, our muse for the Miss UN made it to the Magic Five.

December 17, 1999: For the third time we celebrated our Christmas Party. The unbeatable Juniors showed their extraordinary skills and talents. We bagged the first place.

February 24, 2000: The most unforgettable date in our high school lives. We celebrated the month with love on our first J.S. Prom. We honored our elders, the Seniors with a successful program and delicious snacks. We proved to them that we, the Juniors, cared so much for them in so many years.

March 21, 2000: Mural Painting was held. Ricky Jay Elenterio and Ericson Aliñar won third places.

April 1, 2000: Graduation Day of Aspirants. 30 were chosen as officers. It was the ever responsible aspirant Cherry Gil Alegroso who was chosen as Corps Commander to hold the Batallion under the supervision of P2Lt. Teofilo F. Andres as Commandant.

Two months passed away……

June 5, 2000: Finally our last year of struggles and sacrifices came.

June 12, 2000: We celebrated our Independence Day in a traditional way.

August 3, 2000: Liny Garillos was elected as President of ANCHS Student Republic. During her terms she showed the best she could do for the improvement and success of our school projects.

August 14 – 17, 2000: Ednuelito Alitre and Placido Allin Jr. played for the 14th ASEAN Schools Sepak Takraw Championship in Bedok Indoor Sports Hall, Singapore.

August 21, 2000: Rey Huesca was the champion in the Paligsahan sa Doble Kara during Linggo ng Wika Celebration.

August 24 – 26, 2000. Our last Intramural Meet. We were really proud that we were the champion!

    The undefeated and gorgeous cheer leader, Cherry Gil Alegroso was the Best Cheer Leader of the Year.

September 19, 2000: The ANCHS Millenium Cultural Show. The celebration was all about the Filipino Cultures and the History of Alimodian.

October 19, 2000: Cherry Gil Alegroso represented our school in Extemporaneous Speaking in CDSA II and went home garnering third place.

December 21, 2000: We celebrated our last Christmas party. We were full of joy and excitement as we participated in different parlor games.

January 12, 2001: We couldn’t explain our feeling that time. We took our NSAT in the two-storey building. The test was given by the teachers coming from Leonora Salapantan National High School, San Miguel, Iloilo.

February 16, 2001: We celebrated our last JS Prom in the institution. We were very happy. We were honored by the Juniors with a memorable program.

March 29, 2001: The most awaited moment of all Seniors. We received our diploma – the fruit of our toil and the symbol of our hardships. Liny Garillos, Jacquelyn Gomez, Marissa Tolentino, Flory Ann Alinsud, Jaisa Mhe Amase, Feve Amorsolo and Cherry Gil Alegroso composed the Magic Seven of Batch 2001 Honor List.

We are really proud we are ANCHSians.

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