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Monday, November 1, 2010

ANCHS Class Will And Testament Of Class 2000 - JS Prom 2000

ANCHS JS Prom 2000
Class Will and Testament
Class 1999 - 2000

     This is a class will and testament of the Seniors for us, Juniors during our high school prom in February, 2000.

      It seems unbelievable that anytime from now, we will leave the portals of this institution. Graduation is drawing near and we will bid our happy –sad farewell. Great changes will soon come our way.
      Yes, high school life is very memorable. During our four years stay in this high school, we exerted all our efforts in order to surpass all our hardships.
       Finally, our faces beam with joy for very soon, we will reap the fruits of our toil. With deepest gratitude, we leave our much loved institution which is a silent witness of those happy golden years we’ve shared.
       To our principal, members of the administrative and faculty staff, our teachers;
We thank you for the love and support you’ve given us for our education.
      Most of all to our Almighty God, we owe all the things to you, the good health and the strong will.
      And now to the Juniors, we, the Members of the Senior Class 1999-2000, leave you the responsibilities, the talent and skills we possess. We now hereby make known our Class Will and Testament.

      Maria Lani Sabidalas, Jelyn Micmic, Elijah Agasan, Janefher Siarro, Nadia Silario, Mapet May Amoyot, Katrina Tabilog and Ryan John Arensol expect Liny Garillos, Jacquelyn Gomez, Cherry Gil Alegroso, Ricky Jay Elenterio, Ignacio Almendralejo, Michel John Allones, Flory Ann Alinsud, Marissa Tolentino and Ma. Febe Salinas to lead their batch effectively to achieve unity and cooperation just like what the Seniors have done.
      Felimae Cervantes leaves her responsibility as the Editor-in-Chief of the Hillside Echoes to whoever can make it Liny Garillos or Michel John Allones. On the other hand, Maria Lanie Sabidalas authorizes Jacquelyn Gomez to take her place as the Editor-in-Chief of Ali Mudin.
      The future Physicists and the young Chemist of our batch Jelyn Micmic, Maria Lanie Sabidalas, Felimae Cervantes, Jethsemae Ampil, Allen Ross Ambe, Catherine Anecita, and Ma. Rowela Visto wish Liny Garillos, Jacquelyn Gomez, Marissa Tolentino, Cherry Gil Alegroso, Bevien Alcantara, Jaisa Mhe Amase and Jemson Arceo to follow their footsteps.
      The Wizards of the Navy – Ma. Lanie Sabidalas, Jelyn Micmic, Rosalinda Amorcillo, Jethsemae Ampil and Catherine Anecita to solve perplex problems and algebraic equations to Liny Garillos, Jacquelyn Gomez, Marissa Tolentino, Ignacio Almendralejo, and Gladys Dee Torrento.

      Ma. Ruby Rose Alloso, Jelyn Micmic, Jethsemae Ampil, Princess Viana Juaneza, Ma. Dexie Allera, Catherine Anecita and Katrina Tabilog leave their ability to express themselves in English and Filipino language fluently and proficiently to Liny Garillos, Jacquelyn Gomez, Jemson Arceo, Cherry Gil Alegroso, Ma. Febe Salinas, Michel John Allones, Feve Amorsolo, Marissa Tolentino, Flory Ann Alinsud, Lilee Mae Ampordan, Jaisa Mhe Amase and Jovy Ann Almeria.
       Jelyn Micmic, Rosalinda Amorcillo, Jethsemae Ampil, Ma. Rowela Visto, and Princess Viana Juaneza leave their maps and history books to Liny Garillos, Michel John Allones, Jacquelyn Gomez, Flory Ann Alinsud, Marissa Tolentino, Ignacio Almendralejo and Jaisa Mhe Amase.
      Our bet in English Declamation, Felimae Cervantes wishes to leave her declamation pieces to Ma. Febe Salinas while Princess Viana Juaneza is expecting Jay Bee Jocson to follow her footstep in Filipino declamation.
      The expert kuryenthesians or electricians of our batch Jelyn Micmic, Ryan John Arensol, Roel Sumagaysay, Ricky John Ballarta, Allen Ross Ambe, Emman Tagurigan and June Maven Amor leave their fine techniques and capabilities in installing electrical wiring to Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Jacquelyn Gomez, Thomas Anthony Alderete, Allen Anayan and Alfredo Anacan while the ability of Jelyn Micmic, Felimae Cervantes, Catherine Anecita, Allen Ross Ambe, Roel Sumagaysay and Rhea Mae Micmic in solving current, voltage, and resistance problems related to electricity to Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Jacquelyn Gomez, Cherry Gil Alegroso, Jovy Ann Almeria and Ignacio Almendralejo.
       Our gorgeous and sexy CAT-1 Corps Commander of our batch, Ma. Lanie Sabidalas challenges any Junior to take charge of the battalion.
       Our Chess Grandmasters, Jelyn Micmic, Jethsemae Ampil, Romel Baylen, Elijah Agasan, and Lorraine Perez pass on their special moves and techniques to Jacquelyn Gomez, Marissa Tolentino, Jo-R Alicer and Carlson Alinday. The best performance of Julie Mark Alitre, Anna Karen Tolentino, and Ma. Lourdes Saclote in playing table tennis will go to Liny Garillos, Mark Wil Saclote and Paul Frannie Cabatbat.
       The fascinating dresses of the millennium of Jelyn Micmic, Jethsemae Ampil, Ma. Rowela Visto, Ma. Vejaya Jarloc, Princess Vianna Juaneza, Armi Joyce Alimbuyao and Ma. Tatiana Ruth Amsua leave their extraordinary styles and haute couture designs to Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Honey Joy Tolentino, April Jade Almendralejo, Geraldine Puson, Reynalyn Sorongon and Junelyn Buhay.
       Janefher Siarro, Karen Joy Salarda, Rowena Campano and Sheena Amoyot leave their recipes and cookbooks to Marissa Tolentino, Jacquelyn Gomez, Jossette Mae Sajonia, Judelyn Gervacio, Chona Alsaga and Christine Aberos while Ma. Florelie Almeñana, Rhedilyn Otian, Fritz Aldep, Romel Baylen, Ma. Edlyn Alingalan and Mary Joy Ann Sanoy bequeath their secrets in producing high quality livestock and poultry supplies to Jacquelyn Gomez, Genesa Talite, Chona Anitubo, Sheila Candel, Roel Labañero, Kem Alonzaga, Vincent Richard Castor, Gladys Manicsic and Ricky Jay Elenterio.
        The skill of Ramon Anaud, Ohnas Caluste, Anastacio Alingalan, Rosell Hernia and Michael Alingalan in transforming wood to elegant pieces of furniture to Bryan Anino, Joven Piojo, Ralf Theodore Amoyan, Allan Anayan and Anthony Magbanua. The magic hands that can transform pretty girls into more attractive gals of Jona Amador, Milyn Alfiscar, Analie Calambro, Shelnor Jugado and Hazel Amparo are leaving their blowers and make up sets to Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Almie Muñoz, Rona de los Reyes, Gellen Andeo and Rosalie Alfeche.
        The melodious voices of Jelyn Micmic, Katrina Tabilog, Mary Jane Aguilar, Emely Cabañas, Roel Sumagaysay, Luiseo Alonsabe, Julie Mark Alitre and Nadia Silario that can enchant your mood are also heard from Liny Garillos, Jacquelyn Gomez, Marissa Tolentino, Nickel Caldelero, Lilee Mae Ampordan and Cherry Gil Alegroso.
        The graceful steps of Ma. Tatiana Ruth Amsua, Ma. Rowela Visto, Felimae Cervantes, Princess Viana Juaneza, Romel Baylen, Ryan John Arensol and Fritz Aldep in interpreting folk dances to Liny Garillos, Ruzel Lee Tria, Joanna Marie Gomez, Ma. Janice Alingasa, Sheena Marie Alzate, Ricky Jay Elenterio, Thomas Anthony Alderete, Herman Andeo, Ignacio Almendralejo and Mark Wil Saclote.
        Ma. Ruby Rose Alloso challenges any Junior to follow her footsteps as the highest pointer during the Regional School Press Conference.
        The adroitness of Mapet May Amoyot, Mary Joy Manguray, Carmela Cañonero and Razel Bendol in strumming guitars to Marissa Tolentino, Feve Amorsolo, Bevien Alcantara, Lilee Mae Ampordan and Carol Jean Capitpit. Likewise, the ability of Raymundo Amon, June Maven Amor, Nony Andea, and Aileen Caviado in blowing musical instruments to Elmer Clamar, Stephanie Ampane, Edmund Guardia, Sheryl Cagud, MV June Anino, Danilo Butanga, Amor Divina Anglacer, Liezel Joy Pin and Genevieve Amaguin.
         Ryan John Arensol, Catherine Anecita, Roel Sumagaysay, Gezelle Alinsangan, Edlyn Alingalan, and Elijah Agasan leave their hot steals and smashes to Marissa Tolentino, Reynalyn Sorongon, Maricon Andea and Rosalyn Bendol.
         Our bets in Sepak Takraw – Fritz Aldep, Elizer Corsino and Nelbert Amorio challenges any Juniors to follow their footsteps.
         The good-looking Campus Heartthrob of our batch – Fritz Aldep, Romel Baylen, Ryan John Arensol, June Maven Amor, Allen Ross Ambe, Elijah Agasan, RZ Vincent Jarme, Ramon Anaud, Roel Sumagaysay, Antonio Alinday, Byron Paciente, and Ohnas Caluste are reflected to Tom Jeceff Alipao, Michel John Allones, Ricky Jay Elenterio, Thomas Anthony Alderete, Herman Andeo, Diobanni Cloyd Paciente and Jessie Jan Famillaran. While the seductive and electrifying beauties of Princess Viana Juaneza, Ma. Rowela Visto, Janefher Siarro, Armi Joyce Alimbuyao, Gezelle Alinsangan, Ma. Tatiana Ruth Amsua, Chloe Armada, Lorraine Perez, Ellen Amamanglon and Mapet May Amoyot are mirrored to Liny Garillos, Gloria Romana Bisenio, Jacquelyn Gomez, Carol Jean Capitpit, Reynalyn Sorongon, Joanna Marie Gomez, Janice Alingasa, Lilee Mae Ampordan, Marissa Tolentino, Almie Muñoz, Sheena Marie Alzate and Ma. Febe Salinas.
         The Cradle Snatchers who admire and fall in love with their younger brothers and sisters Ma. Rowela Visto, Princess Viana Juaneza, Lorraine Perez, Vanessa Alla, Lourdes Saclote, Elijah Agasan and Roel Sumagaysay are also reflected in Geraldine Puson, Cherry Gil Alegroso, Ma. Theresa Canuto and Feve Amorsolo.
         The Weight Lifters skinny as a fishbone - Maria Lourdes Saclote, Ma. Theresa Puson, Ma. Vejaya Jarloc, June Maven Amor, Dominic Algallar, Rena Ampuyas, Jerson Berondo, Lorraine Perez, Chloe Armada, and Nelson Anasarias leave their dumb bells, lifts, skills, and tactics to Marlo Alli, Jacquelyn Gomez, Rey Anaud, Mark Will Saclote, Feve Amorsolo, Geraldine Puson and Bryan Anino.
         The Coca Cola shaped body but almost made it to the Biggest Losers with their elephant size weight – Ma. Ruby Rose Alloso, Rhea Mae Micmic, Jethsemae Ampil, Gezelle Alinsangan, Jelyn Micmic, Mary Joy Ann Sanoy, Princess Viana Juaneza, Mayflor Amberong, and Amparo Telesforo leave their girdles and dieting pills to gain 35-24-35 unbeatable figure to Jemson Arceo, Junelyn Buhay, Mafe Grace Andea and Jay Bee Jocson.
         The mysterious beauties and handsome looks of Annabel Cortez, Katrina Tabilog, Jethsemae Ampil, Ma. Dexie Allera, Elizer Corsino, Bert Martin Galaraga, Jenny Ann Anino and Manuel Jerico Kabayao who still believe that black is beautiful are seen in Liny Garillos, Liezel Ocbian, Ryan Embate, Ma. Ruby Aquiman, Jessie Rey Alquitran, Flory Ann Alinsud, Aries Camral, Geraldine Puson, and Ignacio Almendralejo.
         The Ambassador and Servants of Christ Elijah Agasan, Felimae Cervantes, Ma. Ruby Rose Alloso, Irene Dematria, Fritz Aldep, Romel Baylen and Katrina Tabilog bequeath their faith and determination in spreading the word of God to Liny Garillos, Jacquelyn Gomez, Marissa Tolentino, Jay Bee Jocson, Gloria Bisenio, Michel John Allones, Ricky Jay Elenterio, Diobanni Cloyd Paciente, Janice Alingasa, Junelyn Buhay and Cherry Gil Alegroso.
         The Fashion Victims – Nadia Silario, Ma. Ruby Alloso, Allen Ross Ambe, Janefher Siarro, Ma. Tatiana Ruth Amsua, Julie Mark Alitre, June Maven Amor, Ryan John Arensol and Jennelyn Alim leave their unique taste of fashion to Liny Garillos, Jacquelyn Gomez, Marissa Tolentino, Reynalyn Sorongon, Rosalyn Bendol, Sheena Marie Alzate, Michel John Allones, Noel Camique and Lovelyn Lasafin.
         The original Med Tiks of the Seniors Rhino Amada, Vincent Alquitran, June Maven Amor, Dominic Algallar, Charl Louie Allere, Jufil Canadalla and Michael Jan Atesora bestow their quick wit and well-bent tongues in boasting and bragging to Liny Garillos, Thomas Anthony Alderete, Tom Jeceff Alipao, Sheena Marie Alzate, Noel Camique, Rey Anaud, Jerol Camarista, and Ralph Amase.
         The Crying Techniques of Katrina Tabilog, Annabel Cortez, Janefher Siarro, Gezelle Alinsangan, and Ma. Rowela Visto are left to Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Sheena Marie Alzate, Jay Bee Jocson and Janice Tacaisan who are ready with their bundles of tissue paper and hankees.
         The ability of Rhino Amada, Antonio Alinday, Ryan James Dolorito, Catherine Anecita, Edlyn Alingalan, Amparo Telesforo, and Jenny Ann Anino – our modern day Charlie Chaplin that could make your stomach ache of laughters are visible to Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Thomas Anthony Alderete, Jerol Camarista, Junelyn Buhay, Gladys Manicsic, Ryan Embate and Janice Tacaisan.
         The six footer Seniors, Ma. Rowela Visto, Rhedilyn Otian, Mary Joy Ann Sanoy, Shiela Mae Andoloy, Jethsemae Ampil, Ma. Dianne Kristy Calambro, Ma. Fe Alga, Karen Joy Salarda, Kristelyn Prieto, Ivy Lira and Mary Jane Sadongdong pass on their cigarette heels for being the hobbits of the real world’s Middle Earth to Maria Rheza Alim, Mafe Grace Andea, Sharlene Tagabe, Carlson Alinday, Karen Anabo, Bonalyn Amisco and Geraldine Puson.
         The Multi-awarded Famas and Oscar Awardees Katrina Tabilog, Elijah Agasan, Ma. Tatiana Ruth Amsua, Emman Tagurigan, Princess Viana Juaneza and Nadia Silario who can be compared to Sharon Cuneta, Vilma Santos, Maricel Soriano, Christopher de Leon, Elizabeth Taylor, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Clark Gable, Katharine Hepburn, Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn are also visible to Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Jacquelyn Gomez, Cherry Gil Alegroso, Ma. Febe Salinas and Jay Bee Jocson.
          The Casper Company of our batch Dominic Algallar, Jufil Canadalla, Raymundo Amen, Mark Vincent Capada, Chris Alimpuyo, and Manuel Jerico Kabayao share their invisibility of missing, cutting or escaping classes to Jessie Rey Alquitran, Noel Camique, Benette Anthony Alloso, Kenneth Brabangco, MV Jun Anino, Paul Frannie Cabatbat and Shaney Allanic.
          Marife Aliman, Dominic Algallar, Carmela Cañonero, Ma. Dexie Allera, Armi Joyce Alimbuyao, Elijah Agasan, Jufil Canadalla, Luiseo Alonsabe, Fritz Aldep, Ryan John Arensol and Vanessa Alla will turn over their crowns being weird or inappropriate to Sharlene Tagabi, Marissa Tolentino, Aries Camral, Marlo Alli, Joanna Marie Gomez, Gladys Manicsic, Paul Frannie Cabatbat and Sheena Marie Alzate.
         Considered as loyal and studios Vanessa Alla, Romela Mae Alminaza, Rosalinda Amorcillo, Armi Joyce Alimbuyao, Mary Joy Manguray, Jethsemae Ampil, Rowena Alcantara, Marife Aliman, and Anabelle Cortez pass their collections of magazines and romance pocketbooks to Marissa Tolentino, Joanna Marie Gomez, Janice Alingasa, Gladys Manicsic and Sheena Marie Alzate.
         Ma. Ruby Rose Alloso, Jenny Ann Anino, Ma. Edlyn Alingalan, Catherine Anecita, Rhea Mae Micmic, Mapet May Amoyot, Darwin Alipen and Carmela Cañonero pass on their childish ways to Liny Garillos, Rey Anaud, Thomas Anthony Alderete, Ryan Embate, Janice Tacaisan, Gladys Manicsic and Mafe Grace Andea.
       The “kilig to the bones” and the sweetest love teams of our batch, Felimae Cervantes and Ryan John Arensol, Mary Joy Manguray and Allen Ross Ambe, Edmar Angustia and Julieta Amyer, Roel Sumagaysay and Ma. Lourdes Saclote, Ramon Anaud and Ma. Rowela Visto, Emman Tagurigan and Janefher Siarro, June Maven Amor and Cherry Ann Almendral, Nadia Silario and Ryan James Dolorito, Fritz Aldep and Princess Viana Juaneza, Rhino Amada and Ellen Amamanglon, Romela Mae Alminaza and Antonio Alinday, Irish Magbanua and Ian Alimato, Armi Joyce Alimbuyao and Mark Vincent Capada, Romel Baylen and Katrina Tabilog, Mary Jane Aguilar and Chris Alimpuyo and Maria Lanie Sabidalas and Leonardo Alimeos are visible on Michael Alejan and Natalie Alingalan, Gloria Bisenio and Noel Camique, Nickel Caldelero and Cherilyn de los Reyes, Shaney Allanic and Lilee Mae Ampordan, Amor Divina Anglacer and MV Jun Anino, Liny Garillos and Mark Wil Saclote, Kenneth Brabangco and Rosalyn Bendol, Herman Andeo and Joanna Marie Gomez, Ma. Febe Salinas and Michel John Allones, Kem Alonzaga and Ma. Fema Cabanalan, and Junelyn Buhay and Ariel Taladro.
        The most controversial love triangles of our batch Elijah Agasan – Ma. Lanie Sabidalas – Leonardo Alimeos, Dexie Allera – Fritz Aldep – Rhea Mae Micmic, Jethsemae Ampil – Ryan John Arensol – Felimae Cervantes, Donato Tingson – Ma. Dianne Calambro – Randy Alimpuyo, Roderick Allonar – Annabelle Cortez – Joe Mar Ambong, Ma. Lourdes Saclote – Roel Sumagaysay – Lorraine Perez, Ramon Anaud – Ma. Rowela Visto – Jufil Canadalla, and Ma. Ruby Rose Alloso – June Maven Amor – Cherry Ann Almendral pass their intrigues and tickets to The Jerry Springer Show to Jemson Arceo – Rodel Labañero – Liezel Ocbian, Carol Jean Capitpit – Herman Andeo – Lilee Mae Ampordan, Noel Camique – Gloria Romana Bisenio – Ricky Jay Elenterio and Mark Will Saclote – Liny Garillos – Herman Andeo.
        The strong bonds that tie the OBD’S Campus Girls, Tropang Baliw, Snat Gal’z, 3’b Oken Egg, Tsimpan Z’s, The Musketeers, Monkey Movers pass the rope of friendship, camaraderie and brotherhood to Flash Girls, Ge TCH, Spice Girls and Hand 12.
        The 4-2 class, considered as the noisiest section and which has no meaning of the dictionary pass their title to the 3-2 class.
        And the rest of the Juniors whose names have not been specifically mentioned but who possess good traits and talents that could lift up and hold tightly the name of our beloved Alma Mater, may you too share your potentials, and may the Almighty God bless you and lead you to the fruitful path of victory in life.
        In witness thereof, we, the Graduating Class of Year 2000, do hereby affix our signatures on this 24th day of February Year 2000 at the Alimodian National Comprehensive High School. Witnesses are Mrs. Salvacion Garrido, our school English publication adviser and our advisers.

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