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Monday, November 1, 2010

ANCHS Class Will And Testament Of Class 2001 - JS Prom 2001

Alimodian National Comprehensive High School
JS Prom 2001
Our Class Will and Testament
Class of 2000 – 2001

          Graduation is drawing near and we have to bid our happy-sad farewell. We can’t imagine that not too long from now, we will walk to our destination in separate ways.
          Four years has passed and we have survived those painstaking tasks and failures, struggles and sacrifices. “It was the best of time, the worst of time,” Charles Dickens said in his “Tale of Two Cities.”
          Truly, four long years of high school life is a concoction of pains and joys. Many of us thought of quitting along the way. But for the majority of us, who are present in this meaningful occasion, we choose to give a good fight. We are determined to brave all difficulties that may still come our way.   We’ll move and trudge the path to the end of the rainbow. Surely the pot of gold awaits us there.
          Before we depart, we, the Senior Class 2000-2001, extend our sincerest thanks and heartfelt gratitude to our dear principal, Mr. Dioscoro G. Gil Jr., members of the administrative and facilitative staff and to all teachers;
          Our million thanks for the patience, understanding and concern in molding us to be what we are now, these we’ll cherish and treasure forever.
          To our Parents;
          Thank you, for all the support you’ve given us. Words are not enough to express how grateful we are to have parents like you “We love you, and we are proud of you!”
         Most of all to our Almighty God, we owe you all these things, our good health and the strong will.
Traditionally before we leave our dear school ANCHS, we the Seniors give our Class Will and Testament to you, Juniors. It includes the best and the worst in our batch- but it is worth remembering,
         Here it goes…
         The responsible leaders of the Seniors: Liny Garillos, Jacquelyne Gomez, Marissa Tolentino, Flory Ann Alinsud, Cherry Gil Alegroso, Ma. Febe Salinas, Ignacio AlmedralejoJr., Michel John Allones, Feve Amorsolo and Lilee Mae Ampordan expect Archie Garillos, Jo-Ann Alicer, Evaniza Paguntalan, Ruby Daryl Cabrias, April Mae Calibara, Lucky Marie Caparanga, Christian Beatingo, Valerie Joan Tacal and Olive Armada to lead their batch to the road of achievements and learn to cooperate as much as the Seniors have done.
         Liny Garillos leave her responsibility as Editor-In-Chief of The Hillside Echoes to whoever can make it, Archie Garillos, Olive Armada or Ma. Joy Tabaosares. On the other hand, Jacquelyn Gomez turns over her editorial table to Evaniza Paguntalan to take her place as Ali Mudin’s Editor-in-Chief.
        The number wizards of the Seniors: Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Jacquelyn Gomez, Bevien Alcantara, Jovy Ann Almeria, Jaisa Mhe Amase, Michel John Allones, Ignacio Almendralejo, Jr. and John Mar Ambut leave their magic in solving complex problems and Algebraic expressions to Archie Garillos, Gerry Almira, Elisa Cabañas, Jo-Ann Alicer, Michael Angcoy and Christian Beatingo.
         Liny Garillos, our bet in English declamation leaves her declamation pieces to Ma. Joy Tabaosares, while Marissa Tolentino expects Jacquiline Mambaret to follow her footsteps in Filipino declamation.
        The expert physicists of our batch Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Jacquelyne Gomez, Flory Ann Alinsud, Jaisa Mhe Amase, Jovy Ann Almeria, Gladys Dee Torrento, Michel John Allones, Cherry Gil Alegroso, and Lilee Mae Ampordan wish the young chemists Archie Garillos, Lucky Marie Caparanga, Jo-Ann Alicer, April Mae Calibara, William Amorcillo, Nancy Castiva, and Rovelyn Yagin to take their places.
        Jovy Ann Almeria, Michel John Allones, Flory Ann Alinsud, Bevien Alcantara, Jaisa Mhe Amase, Cherry Gil Alegroso and Marlo Alli our “Historians of the Year” leave their history books and maps to Archie Garillos, Jo-Ann Alicer, Ruby Daryl Cabrias, Evaniza, Paguntalan, Lucky Marie Caparanga, April Mae Calibara, Ma. Joy Tabaosares, Nancy Castiva, Honey Grace Andag and Jacquiline Mambaret.
       The statisticians of our batch, namely: Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Jacquelyne Gomez and Flory Ann Alinsud pass their review books and materials, calculators, and pens to any Juniors to follow their footsteps as top ten in Regional Statistics Quiz Contest.
       The expert kuryenthesians who were the modern Faradays, Ampere and Volta: Liny Garillos, Thomas Anthony Alderete, Marissa Tolentino, Alfredo Anacan III, Allen Anayan, Angelo Bautista, Marlo Alli and Gladys Dee Torrento hand down their electrocuted brains and hand techniques in installing electrical wirings to Christian Beatingo, Ryan Sumagaysay, Jonas Alib, Jo-Ann Alicer and Mary Jane Anecita. While the ability of Liny Garillos, Jacquelyne Gomez, Jovy Ann Almeria, Jaisa Mhe Amase, Marissa Tolentino, Gladys Dee Torrento, Feve Amorsolo, Michel John Allones and Ignacio Almendralejo, Jr. in solving current, voltage and resistance problems related to electricity are mirrored in Archie Garillos, Evaniza Paguntalan, Jo-Ann Alicer, Christian Beatingo, April Mae Calibara, Nancy Castiva, Olive Armada, William Amorcillo and Valerie Joan Tacal.
       Everybody is thrilled by the melodious and sweet voice of Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Lilee Mae Ampordan, Cherry Gil Alegroso, Gladys Dee Torrento, Nickel Caldelero, Marivic Andicoy, Mafe Grace Andea and Rey Huesca which can possibly be heard through Archie Garillos, Evaniza Paguntalan, Ryan Sumagaysay, Precious Mae Angelitud, Jacquiline Mambaret, Mark Amada, Donna Mae Alinday, Teresa Aguilar, William Amorcillo and Rogelyn Salcedo who can impress the crowd by their amazing performance.
       Our lawn tennis champions: Junelyn Buhay and April Boglosa leave their magic rockets to Naro Aliparo and Pearl Jewel Aguila; while Tom Jeceff Alipao and Jessie Jan Famillaran wish Charisse Ann Salvilla, Cyrus Cañonero and Butch Villanueva to be our table tennis buff.
       Our black belters Marissa Tolentino and Jacquelyne Gomez will turn over their punching bags, gym, belts and uniform to aspiring neophytes Archie Garillos and Evaniza Paguntalan to prove their worth and be the next taekwondo stars who can bring the first Olympic gold for the Philippines.
       The sharp move and techniques of our Grand Masters: Liny Garillos, Jo-R Alicer and Carlson Alinday are passed to her sister Jo-Ann Alicer and to Janice Bordon and Mary Jane Sabit.
       The Sepak Takraw Champions: Ednuelito Alitre, Placido Allin and Richard Anciano turn over their unblockable kicks and headings to Albert Alipen, Michael Magno and Glenn Anciano.
       The Magnificent performance of our sexy CAT-I Corps Commander Cherry Gil Alegroso is a challenge to any Junior who can handle the next battalion.
       The ANCHS Rondalla of our batch: Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Feve Amorsolo, Bevien Alcantara, Lilee Mae Ampordan, Jaybee Jocson, Carol Jean Capitpit, Mafe Grace Andea, Ma. Liezel Demafiles, Ma. Lorraine Allesa, Ruby Mae Aguilar, Gloria Romana Bisenio and Guen Cecile Lopez leave their ability in strumming their instruments, their musical notes to Sharon Amoyot, Chona Farillo, Archie Garillos, April Mae Calibara, Joyme Anape, Olive Armada, Sharrel Ambe, William Amorcillo, Catherine Amoyot and Mary Jane Manguray; while the ability of Elmer Clamar, MV Jun Anino, Geneveve Amaguin, Ma. Shirly Cagud, Liezel Joy Pin, Edmon Guardia, Jovelyn Abejo and Danilo Butanga in blowing musical instruments to Philbryan Quijano, Billy Clamar, Julie Ray Alim and Evaniza Paguntalan.
       The Cuisine Queens of the Seniors: Julie Ann Hechanova, Judelyn Gervacio, Irene Butanga, Anelyn Aleoran, and Ma. Theresa Glorian leave their recipe books and magic wands in preparing nutritious and mouth watering delicacies to Archie Garillos, Dolly Rose Hervas, Ma. Sofia Ray Capada, Jizelle Alimante, Vivian Angcoy and Marjolin Cagud.
      The “Fashion Designers of the Millenium” namely; Jaybee Jocson, Ma. Febe Salinas, Junelyn Buhay, Girlie Alinday, Mary Jane Tediong, Ma. Janice Alingasa, Queenie Amboy, and Analiza Amoto who can popularize fashion trends nowadays reflect their design philosophy to Ruby Daryl Cabrias, Reyna Vie Prieto, Precious Angelitud, Ma. Cecilia Lerona and Jacquiline Mambaret.
       The studious and silent movers of the Seniors; Liny Garillos, Jaisa Mhe Amase, Jacquelyn Gomez, Flory Ann Alinsud, Bevien Alcantara, Jovy Ann Almeria and Gladys Dee Torrento are mirrored in Archie Garillos, Nancy Castiva, Ruby Daryl Cabrias, William Amorcillo and Jacquiline Mambaret, while the serious looking Seniors; Shanney Allanic, Jo-R Alicer, Aries Almira, Marlo Alli, Michel John Allones, John Alemania, Marissa Tolentino, Girlie Paguntalan and Teddy Cantallopez are visually seen in Evaniza Paguntalan, Ruby Daryl Cabrias, Bernardo Amarro and Nancy Castiva.
       Considered as beauticians of our batch: Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Myra Lozada, Almie Muñoz, Michelle Alemania, Marjorie Ambacan, Cheryl Altar, Merlyn Almeria, Maricel Alcudia, Mayjene Ambacan and Janet Anaya leave their elegant touches and creativity in turning simple look teenagers to a dashing gorgeous ladies to Maricon Andica, Ma. Rocelyn Carmelita, Roselyn Capasgordo, Ailyn Amualla and Marigold Cabihagan.
       The skills of Cedric Salvilla and Leonard Rhoy Tiva in making pieces of woods into elegant sets of furniture are handed down to Francisco Homilogo, Bernardo Amarro III, John Alicer, Rafael Amoyan and Julie Ray Alim.
       Jacquelyn Gomez, Genesa Talite, Chona Anitubo, Gerlie Mangollado and Ricky Jay Elenterio pass their secrets in caring and producing livestock and poultry products to Archie Garillos, Evaniza Paguntalan, Karen Andoloy and Elisa Cabañas.
       Considered as romantic pocketbook lovers of the Seniors: Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Jacquelyn Gomez, Reynalyn Sorongon, Ma. Lorraine Allesa, Ma. Febe Salinas, Rosalyn Bendol, Guen Cecile Lopez, Ma. Fema Cabanalan, Jaisa Mhe Amase, April Jade Almedralejo, Ma. Jean Amboy, Joanna Marie Gomez, and Jaybee Jocson pass their pocketbooks, magazines and comics to Archie Garillos, Ma. Joyme Anape, Evaniza Paguntalan, Nancy Castiva, Ruby Daryl Cabrias, Gede Lou Marfil, Chona Farillon, Sharon Amoyot, Myrene Pena, Ruzel Mae Magtalas, Mila Caya, Dolly Rose Hervas, Krystel Saclote, Ma. Cecilia Lerona, Glen Alomia, Esper Lou Angostura and Donna Mae Alinday.
        The Cradle Snatchers: Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Jacquelyn Gomez, Joanna Marie Gomez, Jaybee Jocson, Ma. Febe Salinas, Ma. Lorraine Allesa, Feve Amorsolo, Mafe Grace Andea, Geraldine Puson, Shanney Allanic, Alfredo Anacan III, Ralph Anthony Amase, Jeffrey Salvacion, Allen Anayan, Aries Almira, and Gloria Romana Bisenio who get attracted to their younger brother and sisters in lower years are reflected in Archie Garillos, Evaniza Paguntalan, John Mark Cañonero, Ryan Sumagaysay, Lucky Marie Caparanga, Valerie Joan Tacal, Ruby Daryl Cabrias, Nikky Nel Salvilla, Romy Alibagon, April Mae Calibara and Jo-Ann Alicer.
        Our unbeatable so-called “Lady in Red” of the Seniors: Cherry Gil Alegroso, challenges any Juniors who wants to follow her eye-catching intro and cool body movements in leading the cheering squad.
        The prophets and good servants of Christ; Junelyn Buhay, Gloria Romana Bisenio, Liny Garillos, Jacquelyn Gomez, Ricky Jay Elenterio, Ma. Janice Alingasa and Joanna Marie Gomez wish that their commitment in spreading the word of God to be continued by Archie Garillos, Katrina Barrios, Jun Mar Angustia, Jacqueline Mambaret, Ruby Daryl Cabrias, Ma. Cecilia Lerona and Eddie Cantomayor.
        The Crying techniques and dramatic skills of Ma. Janice Alingasa, Jaybee Jocson, Jacquelyn Gomez, Janice Tacaisan, Sheena Marie Alzate, Feve Amorsolo, Rachel Embate and Mafe Grace Andea that make our heart aches and sentiments revealed to Butch Villanueva, Myrene Peña, Donna Mae Alinday, Evaniza Paguntalan, April Mae Calibara, Ma. Joy Tabaosares and Gede Lou Marfil; while the laughing bunch; Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Thomas Anthony Alderete, Ryan Embate, Jerol Camarista, Gladys Manicsic, Ma. Liezel Demafiles, MV Jun Anino and Michael Alejan pass their role being the next comedian of their classes to Archie Garillos, Mark Amada, Melchor Alip, Cyrus Cañonero, Charisse Ann Salvilla, Gene Lou Albuya, Ma. Cecilia Lerona and Ma. Joy Tabaosares.
      Know as weirdos; Gladys Manicsic, Joanna Marie Gomez, Paul Frannie Cabatbat, Jessie Rey Alquitran, Charlene Tagabi, Marlo Alli, Jo-R Alicer, Ruzel Lee Tria, Diobani Cloyd Paciente and Debbie Garganza bequeath their unusual behaviors to Mark Joseph Cruz, Evaniza Paguntalan, Joanna Aguirre and Karen Andoloy.
         The Casper Company of the Seniors; John Mar Ambut, Ignacio Almendralejo, Jr., Angelo Bautista, Paul Frannie Cabatbat, and Diobani Cloyd Paciente want to share their invisibility cloak and “anytime can the company” to Cyrus Cañonero, Michael Angcoy, Gerry Almira, Bernardo Amarro III, Mechor Alip and Mark Capada.
         The controversial “medtick” of the Seniors who never runs out of their boasting and bragging; Liny Garillos, Thomas Anthony Alderete, Diobani Cloyd Paciente, Ignacio Almendralejo, Jr., Joel Camique Jr., Ralph Anthony Amase, Jerol Camarista and Renan Sanchez.
         The electrifying beauties and eye-catching smiles of Gloria Romana Biseni ,Girlie Alinday, Liny Garillos, Joanna Marie Gomez, Debbie Garganza, Jacquelyn Gomez, Ma. Janice Alingasa, Ma. Febe Salinas, Carol Jean Capitpit, Lilee Mae Ampordan, Reynalyn Sorongon, Sheena Marie Alzate, Ruzel Lee Tria, and April Joy Eslana are also reflected in Sharrel Ambe, Archie Garillos, Olive Armada, Honey Grace Andag, Dolly Rose Hervas, Ma. Cecilia Lerona, April Mae Calibara, Ma. Joy Tabaosares, Gene Lou Albuya, and Jo-Ann Alicer.
        Wow! The Coca-cola bodied seniors or the bottle shaped body that almost made them to The Biggest Loser reality show; Jemson Arceo, April Boglosa, Maricon Andea, Jelly Aguirre, Jaybee Jocson, Romina Soriaso, Junelyn Buhay and Rosalyn Bendol in their 74-64 no more figures pass their diet pills and girdles to Lucky Marie Caparanga, Evaniza Paguntalan, Mayumi Catida and Lenie Tanangonan.
        The graceful and fantastic skills in interpreting folk dances of Liny Garillos, Joanna Marie Gomez, Ruzel Lee Tria, Ma. Janice Alingasa, Sheena Marie Alzate, Thomas Anthony Alderete, Herman Andeo, Ignacio Almendralejo, Jr., Marlo Alli and Ricky Jay Elenterio are also seen in the performance of Ma. Cecilia Lerona, Jo-Ann Alicer, Reyna Vie Prieto, Dolly Rose Hervas, Christian Beatingo, Albert Alipen, Orbelle Alojado, and Nikki Nel Salvilla.
         “Black is beautiful,” like the beauty of Liny Garillos, Genesa Talite, Geraldine Puson, Liezel Ocbian, Ma. Ruby Aquiman and Rachel Embate is also mirrored in Katrina Barrios, Iryn Cantomayor, Butch Villanueva, Hernanie Callado and Rowil Visto.
         The pretty boys and campus heartthrobs of the seniors; Shanney Allanic, Ricky Jay Elenterio, Tom Jeceff Alipao, Rodel Labañero, Jeffrey Salvacion, Lou Mark Abadia, Benneth Anthony Alloso, Michael Anthony Alejan, Jessie Jan Famillaran and Herman Andeo reflects their identities to Jun Mar Angustia, Cyrus Leandro Cañonero, Renan Sanches, Joenic Anico, Rowel Visto, Hernanie Calliado, and Ian Pin. Girls really never stop dreaming about them. While hot and young beauties of the seniors; Liny Garillos, Girlie Alinday, Joanna Marie Gomez, Gloria Romana Bisenio, Ma. Janice Alingasa, Ma. Febe Salinas, Sheena Marie Alzate, Cherry Gil Alegroso and Jovy Ann Almeria are reflected in Joanna Aguirra, Sharrel Ambe, Olive Armada, Ma. Joy Tabaosares, Gene Lou Albuya, Joanna Lico-an, and Dolly Rose Hervas.
         The Miss Universe height of Gloria Romana Bisenio, Junelyn Buhay, Genese Talite, Girlie Alinday, Joanna Marie Gomez, Liny Garillos, Feve Amorsolo and Cherry Gil Alegroso is also assured me in Pearl Jewel Aguila, Mayumi Catida, April Glory Tabangcura, Virgie Allin and Gene Lou Albuya. While the six footers, oh I mean the hobbits of the real world’s Middle Earth; Mafe Grace Andea, Carlson Alinday, Christine Aberos, Gladys Dee Torrento and Ma. Liza Andag leave their fast strides to Mary Jane Anecita, William Amorcillo, Gede Lou Marfil, Donna Mae Alonday, and Ruby Daryl Cabrias.
         The “Walking Bamboos” or Skinny Man Walking; Mark Wil Saclote, Luis Andicoy, Gerlie Alinday, Melvin Aligaga, Michel John Allones, Marlo Alli and Rey Anaud pass their diet to Orbelle Alojado, Ruzel Mae Magtalas, Rovelyn Yagin and Dolly Rose Hervas.
         The “highest sales” of the seniors; Aries Camral, Thomas Anthony Alderete, Reynalyn Sorongon, Junelyn Buhay, Sheena Marie Alzate and Angelo Bautista to join them in promoting and convincing people to buy their products and be in the company.
          Jovy Ann Almeria, Bevien Alcantara, Janice Tacaisan, Gladys Manicsic, Guen Cecile Lopez, Mafe Grace Andea, Carol Jean Capitpit, and Gladys Dee Torrento are leaving their stuff toys and childish ways to Ma. Joyme Anape, Gene Lou Albuya, Charisse Ann Salvilla, Ma. Joy Tabaosares, Joanna Marie Lico-an, Sharrel Ambe and April Mae Calibara.
          The extraordinary friendships of the Delta SWAK Group, The Formula, May Katok NOTEKS, UNSEPARABLE, CB2 Boys and KOJ are mirrored on The Most Beautiful Monkeys, AER, The Yankers, Chocolate Sweets, The Achievers Group, The Gals 2000, The Body Movers and The Spice Girls 2000.
          The romantic and sweetest love teams of our batch; Cherry Gil Alegroso and Ricky Jay Elenterio, Lilee Mae Ampordan and Thomas Anthony Alderete, Nathalie Joy Alingalan and Noel Camique, Jr., Reynalyn Sorongon and Jessie Jan Famillaran, Jaybee Jocson and Ryan Embate, Girlie Paguntalan and Ronnie Dematira , April Joy Eslana and Michael Anthony Eslana, Liny Garillos and Mark Wil Saclote, Marjorie Ambaan and Jessie James Amo, Merly Cadunggan and Robert Brabanzo, Joanna Marie Gomez and Tom Jeceff Alipao, Ma. Febe Salinas and Michel John Allones, Jemson Arceo and Herman Andeo, Junelyn Buhay and Jeffrey Salvacion, Ruzel Lee Tria and Herman Andeo, Kenneth Lord Brabanco and Ann Marie Alcantara, John Alemania and Guen Cecile Lopez, Liezel Demafiles and Kem Alonzaga, Amor Divina Anglacer and Regie Barte, Debbie Garganza and Joseph Brent Salarzon and Suzette Guevarra and Aries Almira bestow their sweet relationship and controversies to Olive Armada and Joenic Anico Jr., Ma. Joy Tabaosares and Mark Joseph Cruz, Karen Andoloy and Ricky Alcarioto, Rowel Visto and Rovelyn Yagin, Mayrene Peña and Jun Mar Angustia, Ma. Joyme Anape and Roger Amantillo, Jonas Alib and Joanna Marie Lico-an, Pearl Jewel Aguila and Melchor Alip, Ruby Daryl Cabrias and Romy Alibagon, Butch Villanueva and Cyrus Leandro Cañonero, Dolly Rose Hervas and Ryan Sumagaysay and Jo-Ann Alicer and Christian Beatingo.
            The most controversial love triangles; Herman Andeo – Jemson Arceo – Jeffrey Salvacion, Thomas Anthony Alderete – Lilee Mae Ampordan – Shanney Allanic, Herman Andeo – Ruzel Lee Tria – Ignacio Almendralejo, Jr., Mark Wil Saclote – Liny Garillos – Jesusimo Alimato, Ann Marie Alcantara- Kenneth Lord Brabanco – Rosalyn Bendol, Tom Jeceff Alipao – Joanna Marie Gomez – Jessie Rey Alquitran, Aries Almira – Suzette Guevarra – Jeffrey Salvacion, Ma. Liezel Demafiles – Kem Alonzaga – Ma. Fema Cabanalan, Lou Mark Abadia – Gladys Dee Torrento – Cedric Salvilla leave their controversies and intrigues to; Ma. Joy Tabaosares – Orbelle Alojado – Ma. Cecilia Lerona, Valerie Joan Tacal – Joenic Anico, Jr. – Olive Armada, Ronnie Amparo – Butch Villanueva – Cyrus Leandro Cañonero,, Gede Lou Marfil – Christian Beatingo – Jo-Ann Alicer, Reyna Vie Prieto – Jonas Alib – Joanna Marie Lico-an, and Ma. Joyme Anape – Rowil Visto – Rovelyn Yagin.
             Let the 4-2 class pass their title to 3-1 class as the noisiest and the infamous in letting the teacher’s temperature and blood pressure rise.
             To the Juniors who are not specifically mentioned, we leave to you our good traits and strong will. We hope you’ll continue to uphold the name of our school as much as we do.
In witness thereof, we, the Graduating Class of 2000 – 2001, do hereby affix our signatures on this 15th day of February in the Year Of Our Lord, Two Thousand and One at the Alimodian National Comprehensive High School. Witnesses: Mr. Salvador Maturgo and Miss Sucilia Anila our High School Publications Advisers.

Class Testators: Liny Garillos, Marissa Tolentino, Cherry Gil Alegroso, Ma. Febe Salinas

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