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Monday, November 1, 2010

Alimodian National Comprehensive High School Class Prophecy Of Class 2000 - 2001

ANCHS Class 2000 - 2001
Class Prophecy
by Jaisa Mhe Amase and Lilee Mae Ampordan

            It was Saturday morning when we went to the farm for our outing. At the farm, when my classmates and friends were busy doing their own work, I sat beside the coconut tree and fell asleep. While I’m sleeping, I dreamt of something about the future of our batch. It goes this way…
        Year 2015, it was 14 years after we graduated from our beloved Alma Mater, The ANCHS. The morning of that day, I was very excited because we would be having our class reunion on April 10, 2015. That morning, after I woke up, I immediately called Lilee Mae Ampordan through her cellphone. Lilee Mae was with me as one of the nurses of Europe.
        We talked about our trip back to the Philippines to attend our class reunion.
         Other than Lilee Mae, Jovy Ann Almeria and Ma. Fema Cabanalan were also in Europe working as doctors in St. Joseph Hospital. They went ahead of us to the Philippines for the reunion.
I dialed European Airlines for our tickets. And I knew that it was Feve Amorsolo who was working as flight stewardess in that company owned and managed by Angelo Bautista. She said that Gladys Dee Torrento was also working as cashier while Flory Ann Alinsud, Ma. Febe Salinas and Ruzel Lee Tria were accountants. They’re also planning to go back to the Philippines to attend our reunion.
       While in the airplanes, we were watching television. The TV Program was about the Miss Universe beauty pageant. I was really amazed when I saw Joanna Marie Gomez crowned as Miss Universe 2015. She also garnered a special award as Best in Long Gown and Most Photogenic. Her gown was designed by April Jade Almendralejo and Junelyn Buhay. Her hairstylists are no other than Edgardo Algabre, Joecel John Pastor and Rey Huesca. Other candidates who joined the pageant were Girlie Alinday, Gloria Romana Bisenio and Romelyn Andicoy. I’ve heard that they cannot attend the reunion for they were very busy. By the way, the beautiful ladies who competed for the Miss Universe enjoyed their stay at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and the Ritz Carlton Hotel solely owned by the magnate Michel John Allones.
          We had our first departure for United States. We flew in through Northwest Airlines which is owned by Liny Garillos. Arriving at the LAX Airport, I saw Atty. Jay Bee Jocson rushing towards us. She said that she is working at a California law firm and told us she had met Rodel Labañero, Alfredo Anacan III, Benette Anthony Alloso, Ralph Anthony Amase, Shanney Allanic, Jerol Camarista and Noel Camique, all seamen whose ship was dry docked there.
           From United States, we had our cruise vacation on the Caribbean where we saw awesome beach resort, leisure and luxurious resorts that only the affluent can afford. The Star Cruises, Ltd. in which we spent our vacation travelling the Caribbean is solely owned by Jacquelyn Gomez.
           We didn’t have a long conversation with Jay Bee while on cruise because we have to enjoy the sights and sounds before we had to board a plane for Hong Kong.
            There, we had a stopover. We saw Carol Jean Capitpit, Ma. Lorraine Allesa, Rosalyn Bendol, Reynalyn Sorongon, Honey Joy Tolentino, Stephanie Amase and Suzette Guevarra working as staff nurses at the Maonshan North Territory Hospital with Marissa Tolentino as the Director of the said hospital. They were also on their way home. Carol informed me that she had met some of our batch working as computer engineers and programmers there. And they were Mark Wil Saclote, Ann Marie Alcantara, Ma. Janice Alingasa, Nathalie Joy Alingalan and Tom Jeceff Alipao.
             After our conversation, we decided to have a sight-seeing of the whole city. Then, we saw some of our batchmates strolling on the street. They were Thomas Anthony Alderete, Allen Anayan, Cedric Salvilla, Jun-jun Oberio and Ryan Embate working as electrical engineers in that city.
             “Our classmates have gone so far.” Lilee Mae said. Not an hour later we were back to the airport for our trip to Manila.
             In the plane, sitting beside us were the newly-wed couples Cherry Gil Alegroso and Ricky Jay Elenterio from their honeymoon in Paris at Jefrox Hotel which is owned by Jeffrey Salvacion.
             The day of our departure to Manila came. As we were descending the plane, we saw Paul Frannie Cabatbat who had just arrived from Chicago doing missionary works.
              Lilee Mae and I went to Manila Hotel managed by Sheena Marie Alzate, Mafe Grace Andea, the receptionist of the hotel led us to our room. After our lunch, we went back to our room and there we watched TV. To our surprise, we saw Lou Mark Abadia, a famous newscaster. He announced our forthcoming class reunion. As I changed the channel, I was fascinated by the video jockeys. They were no other than Aries Almira and Nickel Caldelero.
              The next morning we took the early flight to Iloilo via Cathay Pacific Airlines with Rey Anaud, Leonard Rhoy Tiva and Vincent Richard Castor as pilots of the said airline.
               In our departure to Iloilo, we saw some of our batchmates. Ruby Aquiman happened to be with us at the departure area. She came from Manila working as VE instructor with Geraldine Puson at Far Eastern University.
              Together, we waited for a taxi. I arrived home very tired but very happy after knowing the success of my classmates and friends.
              Two days after our arrival, our grand reunion came. At six o’clock in the evening of April 10, 2015, visitors and guests started coming at the University of Alimodian quadrangle – formerly ANCHS. Our program began at seven o’clock with Bevien Alcantara, the successful chemical engineer of our batch, as the master of ceremony. Looking around, I saw Girlie Paguntalan, Maricon Andea, Karen Anabo and Lovelyn Sevilla as teachers of the said university and Jemson Arceo as the University President.
              My tears rolled down my cheeks as I saw almost all my comrades.
              “Joy, wake up! Why are you crying?” asked Jovy Ann, my best friend.
              “No nothing.” I replied. And I told Jovy of what my dream was all about.
              How I wish that all my dreams will come true. And Batch 2001 will continue to bring honor and glory to our beloved Alma Mater – the ANCHS.

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