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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Alimodian Firsts: Sr. Ma. Clemencia

Sr. Ma. Clemencia
First Nun of Alimodian

        On September 17, 1908, a daughter was born to the couple Jose Alingasa and Encarnacion Algallar of this town. The couple named her Constancia.

       The Alingasa’s being quite a religious family, Constancia and her three younger sisters were sent to the Assumption Convent in 1929 with the help of the local parish priest, Rev. Fr. Mariano Perez. In 1933, she took her vows of poverty and chastity and chose the name Sr. Ma. Clemencia. In that year, she went to Europe for her novitiate at Val Notre Dame in Belgium. After her novitiate, she went to Mons, one of the houses of Order of the Religious of Assumption in Belgium. She has also served in the houses of their order in Madrid, Spain, Canary Island and Miami, Florida. She celebrated her Golden Jubilee on July 2, 1983.
      She came home to the Philippines in 1978. She served in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States for the remaining years of her life. She died on June 3, 2013 at a hospice home in Lansdale, Pennsylvania at the age of 104. 


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