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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Incumbency of Mayor Miguel Anas

         It was the obsession of Atty. Miguel Anas to serve the town he loved very much. After the term of Mayor Simeon Salarda, Atty. Miguel Anas was elected mayor in his third attempt to the top berth. He is remembered today as a sturdy man who betrays his small size every time the need for steadfastness was called for. He is also remembered as a man of action.

        As the town chief executive, he saw to it that all phases of his administration was taken cared of to the satisfaction of the townspeople. During his term of office he accomplished many things.

Renaming of Streets, History and Heraldry
       Mayor Anas had a veneration of our local heroes and town heads that did some worthy accomplishments for our town. With the members of the Sangguniang Bayan, he renamed Concepcion Street, where the Alimodian Central Elementary School now stands, to Magtanong Street, in honor of Agustin Magtanong the founder of Alimodian; San Eusebio Street, to Rodriguez; San Gelacio to R. Libo-on; San Sixto to A. Amparo, Sto. Nino to G. Allones, the main street going south which was Roosevelt Street formerly to Freedom Highway; San Modesto to T. Algallar Street; Solana St. to Cabaluna Street and Encarnacion to R. Almacen Street. The street names used are family names of local leaders.
       In the regular session of the Sangguniang Bayan a proclamation was issued that January 8 of every year will be called Magtanong Day in honor of Agustin Magtanong, the founder of the town. The program and field mass were held in Magtanong Park. It was also during the incumbency of Mayor Anas when Sitio Balua, the place where Major Alvior was killed by the Japanese, and Barangays Taban and Balabago were declared historical spots. Taban is a barangay across the river from poblacion where many civilians were massacred by the Japanese during the war; while Balabago is the barangay where the first ambush of the Japanese by Col. Peralta’s men took place. That ambush marked the start of guerilla movement in Panay.

Roads, Bridges and River Control
       To facilitate the easy transportation of products from the northern barrios to market, Mayor Anas was able to secure fund for the construction of the road from the poblacion to Barangay Tabog, some 20 kilometers away. Unluckily, the road that was finished was up to Cagay only which is just 8 to 10 kilometers from the poblacion. The old bridge in Canonero Street was repaired and made presentable to be seen on the main street. To make the market look clean, a concrete embankment was constructed in San Rufino Street. The street surrounding the public market was also made concrete. The gravel road from the poblacion to Bancal was maintained by the administration by spreading sand and gravel just before the start of the rainy season.
       It was the public knowledge during that time that the dynamic mayor even went to the extent of spending nights in the pumping station when some engines were out of order.
      To house the other local, provincial and national offices in the Municipal Hall, Anas was able to secure funds for the annex that are seen on the northern and southern sides of the Municipal Hall.
      He was also able to have a waiting shed constructed in front of the Municipal Hall for passengers.
      The greatest achievement of the Anas administration was the establishment of the Rural Bank of Alimodian (Iloilo) in 1973. It was a great help to the townspeople.
      Mayor Anas also caused the cementing of the bridge that spans Soledad and San Inocencio Streets. During his term the Municipal Council appropriated the sum of P10,800 to maintain the flood control project. With the onset of the rainy season Mayor Anas saw to it that the flood control in the eastern part of the town was maintained.

Cleanliness and Beautification Project
      Cleanliness and beautification program were at their peak during the tenure of Mayor Anas. The proof of this was when the San Juan-Paraiso-Sto. Nino Streets got an award of P5,000 in the National Cleanliness and Beautification Contest in street planting category. The amount received was used to purchase iron grills and cement to beautify further the street.
      He also improved the Municipal Cemetery by enclosing it with a fence and assigning a permanent worker to keep up its cleanliness.

Education, Health and Water Supply
      Mayor Anas was for the improvement of school houses of the different barrio schools. He was able to request six Pre-fab school houses for the barrios.
       In 1968 the Alimodian National Comprehensive High School was yet a vocational school and some parents wanted academic preparation for their children. To fulfill the need of an academic education, Mayor Anas put up a Community High School which was housed at the Alimodian Central Elementary School building. This school lasted only for three years and the students in that school were made to transfer to the Alimodian National Vocational School.
      To avail the people in the barrios with secondary education with less expense and hardship, Mayor Anas organized the Gines Barangay High School which is still in existence up to this time.
      Health problems and needs of the people in Barangay Tarug were taken cared of when a health center was put up by the Anas administration.

Economic Development and Revenue of Alimodian
      To generate more income for the town, Mayor Anas improved the public market. All spaces around the market were made concrete in order to improve sanitation. Market stalls were constructed on the northern, eastern and southern portions; hence, businessmen could easily engage in carinderia, fruit and grocery business.

     When he ascended the mayoralty, the town was a fifth class municipality. He tried all means to improve collection of taxes and other revenues so that in no time the municipality was elevated to fourth class.

Other Achievements
      It was during the tenure of Mayor Anas when the local government took over the administration of the water system. It was done to improve water supply at the least expense for the town.

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