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Friday, February 19, 2010

Alimodian Firsts: Atty. Rafael L. Almacen

Atty. Rafael L. Almacen
First Lawyer of Alimodian

        Atty. Rafael L. Almacen is the first lawyer of Alimodian. During the term of Mayor Simeon Salarda, he was delegated by the Municipal Council of the town to settle the boundary dispute between Alimodian and Cabatuan which started in 1919 and won the case.

        During the war he was the Sector Commander of the guerilla unit. He was also head of the Intelligence Unit of the G2 section.

        The Municipal Council of Alimodian passed a resolution asking the legal assistance of Atty. Almacen in solving the boundary dispute between Alimodian over Cabatuan, but up to now, the decision of the Provincial Board was not implemented.

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