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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Alimodian First Bank and Hospital

The Rural Bank of Alimodian (Iloilo) Inc.

How the Rural Bank of Alimodian came into existence was a long and tedious process.
It has long been the dream of the local leaders of the municipality of Alimodian to put up a rural bank to help the people, especially the farmers and the low income group so that they would be free from the clutches of the loan sharks who lent money at usurious rates of interest.

This dream was realized during the incumbency of the late Mayor Miguel A. Anas. Mayor Anas received brochures from the Central Bank of the Philippines containing instruction on how to open a rural bank sometime in 1973. Concerned with the plight of the poor, he took this opportunity to invite Mrs. Elisa Nicer Ampane to help him work on the project.

The first task that Mrs. Ampane undertook was to solicit interested persons to be the original stockholders. This was a task that needed courage and patience in encouraging people with money and of good moral standing in the community to join hands in establishing a rural bank. Putting in hard-earned cash for a project that seemed remote and uncertain made people reluctant to join the project, Mrs. Ampane, the lone campaigner, braved and accepted comments and even embarrassing statements from prospective stockholders.

However, the campaigner went on until finally, the required number of incorporators and subscribers with the corresponding amount pledged for support was met. Notices for public meetings to prospective stockholders were made. Representatives from the Central Bank of the Philippines, Manila came to interview each incorporator and stockholder and they promised to put up their initial capital.

The original incorporators who were able to put up a sizeable amount for the bank to start with are: Mr. Eusebio Aguilar, Mrs. Digna Anino, Mr. David Rodriguez, Mrs. Natividad A. Alger, Mr. Restituto Alip, Mr. Liberato G. Suelo, Mr. Ramon Amaguin, Mrs. Paz A. Alfeche, Dr. David Salarda Jr. and Mr. Aquilino A. Salarda.

Mayor Miguel A. Anas, with the help of Mrs. Elisa Ampane and the guidance of Mr. Serafin A. Aligaen, prepared the application and rushed the submission of the documents to the Central Bank to beat the deadline on May 12, 1973. From then on, additional papers were required by the Central Bank and these were all complied with.

Finally, all efforts were rewarded when the application to the Central Bank of the Philippines under the Department of Rural Bank and Savings and Loans Association was approved on May 2, 1974.
Right after the approval of the application, the building for the Rural Bank of Alimodian was constructed on Almacen Street fronting the left wing of the parish church under the supervision of the late David A. Rodriguez, who was elected the first president.

With all the requirements met and the building ready for use, the rural bank was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on November 22, 1976. Key officers and employees were sent to the Central Bank for training as a requirement for the opening of the bank. They were: Mr. David A. Rodriguez, president-manager; Mr. Liberato Suelo, treasurer-cashier; Mrs. Elisa N. Ampane, corporate secretary-bookkeeper; and Mr. Paquito B. Causing, inspector-appraiser.

Right after the training of the key officials, the Rural Bank of Alimodian (Iloilo) Inc. was formally inaugurated on December 31, 1974 with Atty. Carlomagno Canonero and his party as representatives of the Central Bank of the Philippines, Manila present.

On February 6, 1975, representatives from the Central Bank came to open the books of accounts to formally start the business.

From then on, the bank has continued to serve its clientele from the Municipality of Alimodian and the neighboring towns. The bank accepts savings and time deposits, agricultural loans, special financing programs of the government.

As the community grows, the Rural Bank of Alimodian also grows. It has gained the trust and confidence of the people and it is hoped that it will help in the development of the community as well as the nation.

ALEOSAN District Hospital

It was during the incumbency of Mayor Miguel Anas when the Aleosan General Hospital, now ALEOSAN District Hospital was founded. The Iloilo Provincial Hospital, now West Visayas Medical Center, is quite far from the three towns of Alimodian, Leon and San Miguel, and when there is an emergency, patients cannot avail of medical help the earliest possible.

Through the persistent request of Mayor Miguel Anas, the late Cong. Ramon Tabiana was able to have Republic Act No. 4854 passed creating and subsidizing the Aleosan General Hospital. It was founded in April 1968.

It was first housed in the building where the TESDA office and the Day Care Center is now located. 

It was just a 25-bed capacity with a modest appropriation of P100,000. The first chief of hospital was Dr. Arturo Ardena, who became the director of the West Visayas Medical Center in Mandurriao, Iloilo City.

When the appropriation for the building was released, the hospital was transferred to Bancal, Alimodian on July 18, 1968. It strategically located in Bancal because it is the center of the three towns.

The townspeople are forever grateful to the donors of the lots where the hospital now stands. Had it not been for their benevolence, we would not have an ideal site for the hospital. The donors are Mrs. Pilar vda. de Salarzon, Mr. & Mrs. Maximo Tina, Mr. Saturnino Anas, Mrs. Fortunata Sabido, Mr. Juan Amigleo, Mr. Esperidion Canonero and Mr. & Mrs. Delfin Benas.

The hospital has served the three towns for the past 41 years. People who could not afford hospitalization in private hospitals can avail of treatment in the free wards.

The ALEOSAN District Hospital extends the following services: major and minor surgery, laboratory examination, dental examination, X-ray, family planning (minilap and vasectomy) free of charge, medical treatment, pediatric, obstetrics and gynecology cases.

In this time when everything is very expensive, the ALEOSAN District Hospital is a blessing to the people in the three towns and the surrounding towns of Oton, Maasin and Tubungan.

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