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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Alimodian Firsts: Dr. Emmanuel Anico

Dr. Emmanuel Anico
First Optometrist of Alimodian

      Emmanuel Anico was born to Jose Anico and Cristeta Alonsabe on December 25, 1941 in this town. He finished his elementary education at the Alimodian Central Elementary School in 1953 and his secondary education at the Alimodian High School in 1957.

      Since his younger days it has been his ambition to be an optometrist. So after graduating from high school, he pursued his college course at Centro Escolar University in Manila where he studied for three years. In his senior year, he transferred to Manila Central University where he graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Optometry in 1962. He passed the board the following year.

      He is happily married to Madolin Calisura with whom he has three children. He practiced his profession aside from being a former collection agent of the Bureau of Internal Revenue in this municipality.

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