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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Term of Mayor Antonio Anibigno

Mayor Antonio Anibigno ( Mayor January 10, 1974 – March 3, 1980)

The Energization of Alimodian

         On May 5, 1975 Alimodian was energized by ILECO I with its main office in Tigbauan, Iloilo. Three-hundred and fifty households in the poblacion and 42 in the barangays of Buhay, Bancal, Lanot, Binalud and Balabago, were the first recipients of electrification. At present thousands of households avail of the power from the ILECO.
        The electrification was a boon to the municipality. Since light was available, people could do jobs in the evening which were normally done at daytime. Students could study as long as they want to, not in the flickering glow of the kerosene lamp, but under the blazing light of the fluorescent fixtures.
        As a result of the electrification, the people started buying appliances powered by electricity. Thus, the number of households owning TV sets, refrigerators, cassettes, stereos, bed lamps, and etc. increased considerably, thus affording the people more convenience and recreation. Electrification is a great help to other institutions like the schools, the Municipal Hall, the Aleosan District Hospital and other buildings in the community.
       On January 10, 1974 upon the resignation of Mayor Miguel Anas, Vice Mayor Antonio Anibigno automatically held the reins of the local government. Mayor Anibigno was technically trained in the Iloilo School of Arts and Trades and he was very much interested in pushing through the various projects of the town.

Roads and Bridges
       Since the road in the southern end of Freedom Highway was in danger of being washed away by the floods of the Aganan River, a flood control was constructed there. The same control was made at the end of V. Salarda Street which was also in danger of being destroyed by the flood.
      Mayor Anibigno also had the damaged roads repaired. Aside from this, he had Magallanes and Legaspi Streets made concrete. He also worked for the cementing of the road in the corner of Almacen and Alvior Street and a portion of Magtanong Street.
      He put up the Poblacion-Bulod-Ban-ag farm to market feeder road this lessening the problem of transporting products for sale at the market.
      The Balua Bridge, which posed hazard to both pedestrians and vehicles, was repaired and railings were put up to make it safe. Besides this, the Ubodan Bridge was also made safe for vehicles to drive over. The Bagumbayan-Cagay farm to market road was also repaired to facilitate the transport of products from the northern barrios to the poblacion and to the city.

Schools and Public Buildings
       Mayor Anibigno also facilitated the improvement of the barrio schools of Alibango, Ugbo, Sulong, Coline, Dalid, Pajo, Ingwan, Quinaspan, Gines and Cabacanan and the Home Economics building of Bancal Elementary School.

The Agony Hill
       The Agony Hill, the place of pilgrimage during the Holy Week in the town, was constructed when Fr. Nicolas Caberoy was the assistant priest in Alimodian. After it was finished and blessed, it attracted many pilgrims not only from the town proper and from the neighboring towns of Leon and San Miguel but also in the city and other towns in the Province of Iloilo.
       Because of its popularity as a religious shrine, the Municipal Council passed a resolution declaring the Agony Hill a tourist spot. This was beneficial to both church and state. Truckloads of pilgrims ascend Agony Hill every Holy Week especially on Good Friday. This is a way how people can recall the passion and agony of our Lord Jesus Christ. On the other hand, the municipality becomes the center of worship and business becomes brisk, hence, there is an added revenue for the town.

Day Care Center Service
      Mayor Anibigno was able to implement the order of the First Lady, Mrs. Imelda Marcos to organize the Day Care Center services which was an integrated Social Welfare project. It is beneficial on the part of working mothers as they can just leave their children at the Day Care Center and help earn a living for the family. On the other hand, children are benefitted as they earn to sing, recite, dance and socialize with children of their age. In addition the nutritional needs of the children are also supplemented by the feeding which is given free.

The Public Market
      The public market had also its share of the improvement. The dilapidated portion was repaired and the space around the market stalls was made concrete. A basketball court was also constructed at the public market with mercury lights to facilitate games at night time especially during the Summer Sports fest. The permanent stage at the market was renovated and made bigger to provide space for the program especially during the fiesta. It was also repainted. Mayor Anibigno also had the Municipal Hall repainted to make it look clean and attractive.

The Alimodian National Comprehensive High School
      The ANCHS had also its share of the improvement as it was given P15,000 for the construction of the grandstand in time for the WISA meet in November 1976. This grandstand is still proudly standing at the hillside of the ANCHS.

Increased Revenue
      In terms of revenue, Mayor Anibigno worked for the tax mapping of the whole poblacion and barrios. With the loan from the provincial government, the Provincial Assessor’s Office was able to conduct the tax mapping which means the reassessment of taxation and an added revenue of the town.

The Ordination of Msgr. Ireneo Amantillo
     The town is very proud to have one of her sons ordained bishop on March 15, 1976 at St. Clements Church, La Paz, Iloilo City. A thanksgiving mass was offered by Bishop Amantillo followed by a banquet in his honor at the Alimodian National Comprehensive High School Social Hall. Bishop Amantillo is an alumnus of the ANCHS. He is now the bishop of Tandag, Surigao del Norte.

The Death of the Five Policemen
     A tragic incident happened on August 20, 1978 which caused the death of five policemen who were on mission to Brgy. Tarug a day before. Nothing untoward happened while they were performing their mission in that barangay. But while they were on the way back to town the following day, they were ambushed by the anti-government forces while they were about to cross the river in Brgy. Ugbo. All of the five policemen, Patrolmen Silvio Amaguin, Bernardo Alinday, Agustin Alitre, Romeo Alipat and Florencio Aligor were all slain on the spot. The townspeople felt their great loss to the police force and all mourned for their untimely demise.

His Bid for Reelection
     Mayor Antonio Anibigno ran for reelection after his term under the banner of the KBL but was defeated by an independent candidate, Salvador Altura, who had a margin of thousands of votes.

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