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Monday, March 1, 2010

Alimodian Firsts: Capt. Mauricio Alcon

Capt. Mauricio Alcon
First Aviator

      In October 1916, a son was born to Ambrosio Alcon and Felomina Alipala of this town. The boy was christened Mauricio, and he later became the first aviator of Alimodian.

      After finished his elementary and high school education, Maur, as the boy was fondly called, enlisted with the Philippine Constabulary at Fort San Pedro, Iloilo City in February 1936. But in September of the following year, he joined the newly-established Philippine Army Air Corps, now the Philippine Air Force, and began what he calls “my adventure into the wild blue yonder.” In order to qualify as flying cadet, he attended the National University in Manila to earn the required 50 units of college credit and made it in December 1941.

       During the Japanese Occupation, he served with the 9th Observation and Attack Squadron in Cebu, and the guerilla movement under Gen. Peralta. Unfortunately, he was wounded in action during the battle for liberation of Manila on February 9, 1944, thus ending his flying career.

       Not someone to remain idle for long, he remained with Philippine Armed Forces in the communication electronics field. In 1947, he, together with 49 other Filipino scholars, was sent to the United States for special studies in airways operation. When he finished the course, he was in the top ten.

       He retired from service on May 3, 1967, with the rank of full colonel. He and his wife Encarnacion Ambe, have four children.

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