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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alimodian Firsts: Cornelio Alejo

Mr. Cornelio Alejo
Chairman – Alimodian Historical Society

     The publication of this book would have not been possible were it not for the efforts of one man – Mr. Cornelio Alejo – the chairman of the Local Historical Committee.

     Mr. Alejo was the man who fought that this noble project may be pushed through, that the people of Alimodian may relive the glory of their past in the pages of a history book they could call truly their own.

    “Cone” as the man is known, was born to a couple, Apolonio Alejo and Baldomera Allin of this town on July 12, 1914. He has served his town mates and countrymen as salesman,clerk, teacher, policeman, soldier, deputy assessor and administrator.

     After the Second World War, he was employed by the Bureau of Education, now the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, as Clerk I, but he rose through the ranks to become the Administrative Officer IV of the Division of Iloilo until his retirement on July 12, 1979. Upon his retirement he was given several awards and certificates of merit for his valuable services to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

     He is married to the former Fe Kilayko of Leon, Iloilo. The union is blessed with ten children, eight of whom are now professionals.

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