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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alimodian Firsts: Simeon Arensol

Mr. Simeon Arensol
First Director of Moro-Moro Plays

     Alimodiananons are never in want of thespic talents. It is, therefore, with great pride, that they remember Mr. Simeon Arensol, the first director of Moromoro plays this town has ever produced.

     Mr. Arensol was a native of San Miguel, Iloilo. A widower early by his first wife, he was attracted by the beauty of Alimodian, Juliana Alfeche, of Magtanong Street. Their marriage was blessed with eight children.

      A voracious reader, he became fascinated by stories of adventure and romance he read while in school. The heroic exploits of gallant knights to win the heart of their ladyloves left a deep mark in the mind of the young Simeon.

     Endowed with poetic talent, he made his first venture into comedia or moro-moro production with his contemporaries, Mr. Apolonio Loredo and Francisco Amolar who shared his passion for the stage. The stage play, entitled “Si Ludovico at Esberta sa Kaharian sang Berbania” had his son Alfredo in the title role. The immense success of this first venture inspired him to produce the same play in San Miguel, this time with another son, Numeriano, playing Ludovico.

     Mr. Arensol died in his late ‘80s. His play has been revived time and again with Numeriano directing. The last presentation was in 1976.

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