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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alimodian Firsts: Paulino Tolentino Amargo

Paulino Tolentino Amargo
First Photographer and Watch Repairer

       The man who was to become the first photographer and watch repairer of this town was born on June 29, 1891 to Apolinario Amargo and Tomasa Tolentino, natives of this community.

      While still a young boy, Paulino showed interest in drawing and tinkering with iron works. Recognizing the talent of the child, his parents sent him to the Iloilo Trade School, now the Western Visayas College of Science and Technology, where on March 31, 1911, he became the first Alimodiananon to graduate in Iron Works and Mechanical Drawing from that school.

      After graduation, he put up his repair shop and photography studio in town. As lens man and watch repairer , the two jobs he invariably did well, he was of great service to his townmates. When he passed away on November 1, 1941, he left behind his wife Soterania Almocera and eight children, seven of whom are presently living.

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