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Monday, March 1, 2010

Alimodian Firsts: Jacob Alzate Alger

Jacob Alzate Alger
First Alimodian Finance Officer of the Philippine Navy

     On April 21, 1928, the man who was to occupy one of the highest positions in the Finance Center of the Philippine Navy was born.

     After finishing his elementary and secondary education, Jacob A. Alger took and passed the entrance examination to the Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City, graduating in 1953.

     After his stint at the PMA, he took several post-graduate training courses allied with his military duties. He was also sent to the United States by the Armed Forces of the Philippines to further enhance his military abilities.

     From his first assignment in the FA Battery, 15th BCT, in Pampanga, Nueva Vizcaya, he served the different major services until he was assigned to the Marine Battalion as S-4 in 1957. He then worked his way up the ranks of the Philippine Navy Headquarters. From that year until his retirement in 1979, he was commanding officer of the Philippine Navy Finance Center.

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