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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Sinamay


Feast Day: May 13
Patron Saint: St. Isidore, the Farmer

               During the early years before the Spaniards arrive, there is a group of people who live peacefully, happy and prosperous in the eastern part near the town of Alimodian. In those days, the women in this place are famous for weaving the Sinamay textile or fiber. 
               The vast territory or barrio covers the sitio of Salungan, Manguining, Kudiapa, Garo, Atay-atay, Tingib, Lanag and Pinamuno. 
               When the Spaniards came in the place, they torture and abuse the residents, so the people revolted and fought and stand up for their peaceful living. The bloody revolt took place between the invaders and the native locals. What was left of the locals are those people who came out from hiding and they found the bloody and lifeless bodies of the Spaniards and their fellow natives. Due to their immeasurable grief, they can only utter "Nagsirinamay-samay" (mixed up). What they mean is that the blood of the foreign invaders mixed up with the blood of the native residents and they can never forget this tragedy in history. According to the story, these words became the origin of the name of Sinamay. 
                During the Spanish occupation, Remegio Amolar became the leader of Sinamay from 1875-1878, during the independence, Gregorio Alingalan became the leader from 1895-1902 and during World War II Candido Amoyan (1939-1946).

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