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Monday, December 31, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Ulay Bugang

Ulay Bugang

Feast Day: November 30
Patron Saint: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

               Long time ago, the place was called Badyang due to the bounty of this plant in this area. The couple Tomas and Juliana Alovera were the first to live in the woodland part that covers this place.
               In 1946 the place was called Ulay. This word came from the name of an old maiden or spinster who lived in this place whose land was the source of water of the residents in the barrio. The main source of water in the land of Ulay became a creek in later time. 
               In 1960 the place was called Ulay Bugang because of two creeks (Ulay and Bugang) which crosses the barrio. 
               In 1976 the chapel was constructed in the barangay in honor of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal and with the effort of Procopio Cabalfin, the first President of the Catholic organization in the barrio headed by a certain Captain Ara. Father Ismael Castaño hold the first mass in the first fiesta of the barangay on November 30, 1977. The new chapel constructed just beside the old one was put up with the help of the residents. 

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