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Friday, December 28, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Ugbo


Feast Day: April 30
Patron Saint: St. Augustine

               During the Spanish period, the people in this place suffer some difficulties and hardships due to guerilla resistance against Spain. One time some Spanish soldiers visited this place. The soldiers ask the name of the place to which a resident replied "didto sanda nagasugbo" (they are hiding there) pointing towards the river. What the person means is that the people they are looking are in the river submerging themselves in the water to hide. 
                 The place at the time was headed by a couple Roque and Torya Amba-an.They have five children and the eldest was named Proctoso. When Proctoso became the Teniente del Barrio, the people had a discussion of what to call their barrio. They thought of the story about "nagsugbo" and they decided to shorten the term and call their place Ugbo. The first fiesta was held and the barangay chapel was constructed during the incumbency of Proctoso. Monsignor Carlos Crucero was the parish priest at the time. 
                  According to the elderly residents, long before when there is a long drought the people hold a procession in the river with the image of St. Augustine and the rain usually occur the next day. The image of St. Augustine is proven to drive the pest apan or locusts away by just putting the image in the way near the chapel and the devotees will shout "Señor San Agustin tabuga ang mga apan" (Señor Saint Augustine drive the pest away). The old chapel was constructed during the incumbency of Silvestre Alpuerto with the help of the residents. The new chapel is also completed with the help of the people of this barangay.    

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