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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Ubodan


Feast Day: First Saturday of February
Patron Saint: Saint Simeon

               The name of the place came also from misunderstandings between the locals and the Spanish authorities. According to the old folks, there was a foreign blood who visited and ask the name of the place. The person who responded said "ubod" since he is doing pang-ubod in coconut (ubod is the heart of the coconut tree or buri). Since then the place was called Ubodan, maybe also due to the fact that there is a bounty of coconut and buri which are the main sources of ubod as an ingredient to some of the local dishes not only of the barrio but also of the town. 
                Before, Ubodan is only a sitio of Barrio Quinaspan.It became a separate barrio in 1969. The feast of St. Simeon is being honored in Barangay Ubodan since the incumbency of Teniente del Barrio Maximo Magbanua. The first priest to hold mass in Ubodan was Monsignor Carlos Crucero the parish priest at that time. According to the story, the people choose Saint Simeon to be their patron saint since the time when the barrio was established, Simeon Cañonero was the mayor of the town. Before, the fiesta of Ubodan is held on the month of February or March but since 1989 under the leadership of Barangay Captain Benito Anayan the fiesta is held every first Saturday of February.  

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