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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Sulong


Feast Day: January 15
Patron Saint: St. Isidore, the Farmer

               Before the Spaniards arrive in the country, there is a good flow of stream in sitio Pacul of this place. The water that overflows fully fill a wide but very shallow creek where there is a slow flow of water. Thus the water stuck up (nagasulong) in the lower part of the place they call Barrio Sulong. 
               To make the flow of water even faster, people dug up the Lurok (a hilly part between Barrio Sulong and Barrio Santa Cruz of the town of San Miguel) to make a canal. They made a wide canal and the part where the water stay has a bounty of crop and harvest.
                The sitios who were once a part of Sulong were Pacul, Bungalong and Pandan. During the Spanish occupation, Romeo Amolar became the Teniente del Barrio from 1878-1882.  During the Philippine Independence, the Teniente del Barrio is Juan Amolar (1898-1903). During World War II Japanese occupation, the people who led the place were Isidro Amuan (1939-1941), Luis Alcantara (1942-1944) and Vicente Tuarez (1945-1948).   

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