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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Tarug


Feast Day: Last Saturday of January 
Patron Saint: St. Anthony the Great / St. Anthony The Abbot

               The barangay was established in 1890 and the pioneering families who settled in the area were the Amaquin, Abido and Atundag. There were eight (8) sitio which covers this barrio: Agaw, Bagsakan, Buyag, Lanag, Lingat, Tabay, Taburanan kag Tumbo-an. The first Teniente del Barrio in Tarug was Santiago Atundag which was assisted by Felipe Amaquin. 
                The name of the place came from the word "tarug" is the term for the water works system used to carry water from the spring. Tarug or bamboo poles cut in half were laid side by side to make an improvised and local version of aqueduct from the spring water to the lower areas of the households in the barangay.
                 The most unforgotten part in history of the barangay is the ambush of the Americans with the guerilla movements founded with the leadership of Martin Delgado of the town of Santa Barbara and Quintin Salas of Dumangas and of the people of Barangay Ugbo.  This took place in Sitio Agnib in between Barangay Gines and Barangay Tarug where they lose not a single fighter even if they were outnumbered by the American soldiers. Due to anger, the Americans burned houses in Sitio Lingat when they learned that the people evacuated in Bokbok in Maasin town together with the guerillas. During World War II, they were surprised by the arrival of the Japanese soldiers where they were tortured and others with the rest of the officials were tied on the trees so they cannot escape. They killed Ramon Camano for a suspicion he is a USAFFE member. 
                 One of the scenic attraction they can be proud of is the giant stone in Sitio Ognong - a sitio of Cabacanan but is closer to Barangay Tarug. They call it as "Gateway of Aganan" due to the enormous size of the stone so the fish can swim upwards to the river of Aganan if the water become so deep during the rainy days and so there were no catfish or balanak fish that can be found in the upper part of Ognong.  

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