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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Taban Manguining

Taban Manguining 

Feast Day: First Saturday of January
Patron Saint: St. Michael Archangel

               During the Spanish times, there are some Spanish soldiers who crossed the river to visit this place and they went thirsty. They saw a couple with two daughters and they ask for water by sign language. They were given water contained in a coconut shell. A soldier ask for the name of the place but the father doesn't understand him. He called for his daughters who were just cleaning in the front yard of their house. The father shouted for his daughters "Manggi Neng!" and that is how the soldiers understand it. Since then they called their barrio Manguining. 
                Later, there are some people who choose to settle in the banks across the river which is still a part of the barangay which later became Sitio Taban since they were like taken (taban) from the barangay proper.  Since then, the place is called Barangay Taban-Manguining. The barrio was established in 1969 under the leadership of Captain Job Abioda. The barangay first held their fiesta on January 3, 1973 and the patron saint was St. Michael Archangel. Father Ismael Castaño was the first priest to hold mass in the barangay and the first fiesta queen was Nancy Sajonia. 
                 In Sitio Taban they pride itself as the main way upwards the famed Agony Hill which attract flocks of devotees every Holy Week. It was also in Taban where the infamous and bloody Taban Massacre took place where on August 17, 1943 the Japanese soldier on a surprise attack massacred able bodied men by means of bayonet and beheading on a market day. A historical marker and chapel was constructed to commemorate the tragic fateful day and to honor those innocent civilians brutally killed and victims of war.   

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