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Friday, December 21, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Tugaslon


Feast Day: April 5
Patron Saint: St. Vincent Ferrer 

               The name of the barangay came from the word "Tugis" a root crop which is abundant in the place before. The place was called Tugisan which later became Tugaslon. Since 1850s, Tugaslon has been a sitio of Barangay Tarug. The first family in Tugaslon were Jose Ambalong and Amiona Tugaslon and their son Fabiano Ambalong is the first leader of the sitio. 
                Tugaslon separate from Barrio Tarug as an independent barrio in 1920. Oto Alla was the leader at the time. From the years 1935-1940 Pio Aceldeque succeeded and was the first to be called Teniente del Barrio. The Philippine Army established a detachment in Tugaslon in 1938. During World War II, the leader of the barangay was Loreto Camral and most of the residents evacuated to other places.  After the war Luciano Cabanig became the leader from 1945-1955. In 1947 a strong earthquake shook the barrio and destroyed lots of houses and farms. At the time there are already Huks roaming in the barangays. Silvestre Misares popularly known as Bestre, a provincial guard married Adela Antonio whose from Tugaslon. Together with Abdon Alipat and Alfonso Alla, Bestre led the killing of the Huk leader who is Juaning Sandoy. The Huk made a revenge and they burned all the houses in Tugaslon except the house of a woman who was a girlfriend of a Huk member. 
                 From 1950-1953 during the term of Teniente Prudencio Alegrado, burglary and looting of bandits became rampant. During those times, the people of Tugaslon celebrates the feast of Saint Agatha / Santa Agueda. Upon the succession of Teniente Geronimo Ambac, the residents change their patron saint to St. Vincent Ferrer which until now they celebrate his feast every April.  

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