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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Tabug


Feast Day: April 16
Patron Saint: Our Lady of Salvation

               The barangay was established in 1910. Marcelo Aldamar or popularly called Mal-am Ilo is the first leader of this place. Mal-am Ilo is a brave and respected leader. He has a ring made out of coconut husk. 
                The name of the place was believed to came from the word "tabog." If there are some strangers or burglars who intend to do harm or violence in the area they were kicked out (ginatabog) by Mal-am Ilo. The place become peaceful and orderly for a long time. Thus, the place was called Tabug.
                In 1974 under the leadership of Captain Ricardo Legaspi the barangay celebrated their first fiesta in honor of their patron saint Our Lady of Salvation. Before this, Tabug celebrates their fiesta together with the rest of the barangays in the so-called "Seven Cities" which is being held every month of April.     

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