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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Alimodian Barangay - Agsing


Feast Day: November 22
Patron Saint: Saint Cecilia

            According to the old native residents of this village, the barangay was established in 1942 under the leadership of Jose Ambong and Perfecto Tubale and their families, Angulo and Almarines family. The name of the place comes from a native bird called Tagsing which is bountiful in the area in those days. This bird has a sharp loud sound which can be heard from a distance.
          During World War II, the Japanese soldiers attacked the barangay. After the war in 1945, the barangay is slowly being established again. The captain or teniente del barrio and its officials purchased lands to make as a barrio site where people can build their homes and to build a small chapel. The image of Saint Cecilia was bought also by the officials of the barangay and since then, its fiesta is held every November 22.
          Under the leadership of Teniente del Barrio Perfecto Tubale, additional parcel of lands allocated as a barrio site was purchased on December 27, 1960 with the price of  P 150 pesos. Simon Tubale became the teniente del barrio or captain starting in 1969 until 1985 and under his leadership, a concrete chapel was permanently laid. Priscilla Ambong was elected as the barangay captain in 1986.

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